Daniel Amos: "Rocket Packs"
52 Authors: Week 19 - Etienne Gilson


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That's speciesism.


Right. I only posted it as an example of how dumb, if not bigoted, people were until quite recently.

Oh good. I was worried there for a minute.


And really, we don't know that they can't sing, in fact, there is evidence in Swift and Lewis that would indicate otherwise. Perhaps they just won't sing in front of humans because they know we will harness them and make them appear on reality TV.


Who can't sing?


My experience is that animals are actively hostile to music. At least that's the conclusion I draw from the fact that my dog leaves the room when I plug in my electric guitar.

I'm glad I'm the only person here because I could never explain why I'm laughing like this.


Oh. Right. Sometimes I'm just dense.

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