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Well, that's about all the fun I can handle today.

Was that on Craig's blog? How could I have missed it?


Yes, a month or two ago--this post. I've been meaning to post it.

Now that we are exceptionally sophisticated in our technologies, it is fun to reflect on how fast and far we've come. (sarc. off)

And now there's, Jetman:

I want to do that.


I always thought rocket packs would burn one's butt.

I was a big Daniel Amos fan back in the day (early 80s). I have the vinyl album on which that song appears, and saw them live a couple times. They had a song about Mary Baker Eddy called "We Might Have Believed You (If Your Teeth Hadn't Fallen Out)," which still makes me laugh. It was part of this suite of songs about various modern heresiarchs called "Preachers From Outer Space," in which Eddy, Sun Myung Moon, Joseph Smith, etc., appeared as alien invaders.

I have a Daniel Amos LP which I don't think I listened to more than once. This makes me want to dig it out of the closet.

Jetman is pretty cool. I had no idea. Louise, you'll notice the jets aren't on his back.

Since I was 15 years old I thought 'personal propulsion units' were the answer to too many cars. I do not know where I got the expression. As I conceived them, the personal propulsion unit is like an inverted vacuum cleaner. It blows out air rather than drawing it in. It will not burn your butt unless the air is very hot.

ps very funny video - never heard of the singer

'Daniel Amos' was a contemporary Christian band that was popular in the mid-70s through the 80s. They started off as a country-rock band, sort of like a Christian version of The Eagles, but then took a progressive turn around 1980 towards 'New Wave.' Some of their stuff was quite interesting, and holds up rather well, surprisingly enough.

I didn't look closely enough and was thinking of other types of rocket packs. :)

I like Grumpy's PPUs. I want one.

Elevator up.. escalator down.

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