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Glitches, Maybe

Tomorrow, Saturday the 2nd, I'm hoping to do something that's about five years overdue. I think it was 2010 when I moved this blog from Blogger to Typepad. I have a domain name, www.lightondarkwater.com, which still points to the old blog, though if you go there it redirects you here. I need to point that URL to this blog, and if nothing gets in the way, I plan to do that tomorrow. Those changes can take a day or so to propagate all around the net. So depending on how you go about getting here, there could be some odd behavior till things settle down. 


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Glitch is a great word.


I guess so. It's part of my everyday vocabulary so I don't notice it.

Did you know it's also the name of a sub-sub-genre of music?

A case of familiarity breeding contempt, perhaps. I guess in your everyday life it always heroines trouble.

No, somehow that had escaped my noticed.


I once used the word in an Eng. Lit. essay, and was told off for it.

It's a perfectly good word. But a rather young one, only 50 or so.

when my Garmin GPS went into only Quebecois French I called them to complain and they said, 'it's a glitch'

Ben non, c'est pas un glitch, c't'un feature!

Incidentally, if I type www.lightondarkwater.com into the address bar of my browser, it goes to this blog, but if I leave out the www it goes to the old one. I don't know whether this is in your control.

That's odd. Definitely shouldn't happen. I'll have to look at it.

Often in the technology world "It's a glitch" means "We don't know why it did that so we'll just pretend it didn't happen and hope it doesn't happen again."

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