52 Authors: Week 19 - Etienne Gilson
52 Authors: Week 20 - Penelope Fitzgerald

Week 20

Update: someone has come through with a nice piece, and I may be able to post it Monday night. Most likely not before then. I'll let the name of the author be a surprise.


There's nobody on the roster for the upcoming week. I'm going to be out of town Friday through Monday and will have limited at best access to a computer (although I will have an iPhone, so I'll be able to read stuff online). So unless someone has something in hand and can send it to me right away (like tonight, Thursday the 14th), I'm going to republish something I posted here several years ago. 

Well, I suppose if you sent me something over the weekend, I'd be able to post it by Tuesday night, which wouldn't be so bad. But anyway I do have a Plan B.


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That person is my hero.


I'm psyched to see who it is!

I'm thinking Pope Francis.


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