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I put one in my Amazon cart. It looked like the whole series is not in print but that could be a mistake

You can get them at that Bethlehem Books website. They have ebooks, too.


O really, could I download it to my phone and read it on the camino? I am not sure what an ebook is. I read kindle books.

Yes. I talked to someone there, and she said there will be intructions on how to download it to a kindle.


"I wish we could march around every Sunday" made me laugh.

OK I will try -

Maclin, I was originally just going to type the part about the procession, but when I got to that line, I just couldn't leave it off.

As much as I like the liturgy, I love her reaction even more. One thing I really like about these little girls is that they are very real little girls. They aren't goody-goodies.


I am going to have to get my GA help me get the ebook. I do not understand it.

I called them today and they were very nice. They would probably walk you through it.


This is an author whom I have never heard of, but whose books I now want to read. Thank you, Maclin. My local library has three of the five books in the series.

You're welcome, but Janet is the one you really need to thank.

Oh my goodness, I just realized that I didn't put Janet's credit in at the end! You should have told me, Janet! I'll do it right now.

Ha! I didn't notice. When I told you I didn't have time to look at it, I really didn't have time to look at it. ;-)

I guess I just assumed my name was on there because it's on Facebook and Grumpy knew it was my post because I'd showed her the books.



I would give the Betsy books a pass for a while. Just the first three would be good.


Actually, I can't believe that anyone who has been reading you for as long as Craig has could think that you wrote that post.

And really, I'm surprised he didn't recognize my voice.


The idea Mac wrote that is funny!

Yes, it is, now that you mention it. Maybe part of the unconscious process of neglecting the byline was the sense that it was obviously Janet.

This got me to thinking about how there are at least eight people who comment here whose writing I could identify fairly accurately without attribution. I could certainly do it here with great accuracy, and I'm pretty sure I could identify anonymous comments elsewhere. In fact, several of you have left anonymous comments on my blog at one time or another and I've known who it was.


And then I was thinking that there is a certain amount of crossover that has occurred due to our long conversation, and that we probably have a common way of writing that might be more easily identified by someone who reads here regularly, but not frequently. We probably have a sort of LODWian syle.


That would be an interesting thing for someone to analyze. This has been going on for quite a while now. I'm not so sure about a common style, but you're certainly right about the recognizable voices.

"We probably have a sort of LODWian syle."

That's a neat idea. If there isn't exactly a writing style, there's a "something" - a vibe.

And yes, definitely recognisable voices.

Thanks, Janet. I enjoyed this post.

You're welcome.


That part you quote from Stairstep Farm: Anna Rose’s Story about the family singing together after the death of the grandfather is lovely, and put me in mind of Marilynne Robinson's Gilead. As I remember, there is some fine writing in it about people singing alone and together as they go about their daily lives that gives a sense of what you said about Pellowski's scene -- that it "captures something—an atmosphere that seems to be gone from the world, or at least a large part of it--and it’s a great loss."

Heh, heh. Well, the joke's on me. I certainly thought the tone was off: too feminine. But pointing that out is not something one man does to another. I trusted the byline.

Thanks, Janet, for the recommendations!

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