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My first name is "Stuart" so of course Stuart Little was a book I owned as a child. I even remember kids calling me that occasionally, though I was not diminutive, just because school kids must all find a way to tease one another. Stuart is never a popular name, no matter which decade you are growing up in (and this was the 70s). So I read and enjoyed Stuart Little and also Charlotte's Web, and then never returned to them. I feel mildly aware that The Trumpet and the Swan existed, before I read this post. Many of you have spent some time on Children's Literature, and I suppose it is a failing of mine, but I have never been interested since probably reaching Junior High age. I've never read any Narnia, and I quickly ran out of steam after Harry Potter number 2. The Hobbit is probably the only book I have returned to that can be categorized as for children, at least in that it is so completely different in tone than LOTR. So enough about my shortcomings. Excellent post. I need to return to EB White as an adult. I also like the idea (as of the Tati movies) of reading all three and looking back to see what they mean to you collectively.

For what it's worth, I'm the same way about children's lit in general. I wouldn't be surprised if there tends to be a male-female divergence on this. I didn't encounter E.B. White until I had children of my own, and to tell the truth didn't really find these books that interesting. To tell an even worse truth, I'm not sure I ever even finished one. Maybe Charlotte's Web. Grumpy makes them sound more interesting.

I did enjoy the Stuart Little movie.

I was waiting for Grumpy to destroy my contention that magical realism is a good thing, and she didn't even halfway try. :-)

Y'all should keep her in your prayers while she is walking.


I also didn't read any White until I had kids. Haven't read Stuart yet.

It is interesting to compare how White treats a girl coming into adolescence and how Lewis deals with Susan's in Narnia. Not to mention how Pixar is going to deal with Riley's puberty in Inside Out Two.

I found Trumpet to be one or two ticks over the too weird line. Something about the night club scene in Philly, I guess. Maybe Louis is supposed to be named after Louis Armstrong?

I like Charlotte a lot, but I'm not sure I could explain what it is supposed to mean.

Amy Welborn's blog is called "Charlotte Was Both," after the last line in the book. That closing line makes one long for the days when friends used to write letters to each other.


I wrote an actual letter, with a pen, on paper, a couple of months or so ago. It was somewhat difficult to do, and I'm afraid parts of it were illegible.

But I miss it, too. I was reading a few days ago a review of the 8th volume of Henry James's collected letters. There are going to be ***140*** volumes. 10,423 letters.

My last foray into letter writing was when a friend moved to Texas. I don't think I had the internet then. I wrote her every month, and though she called sometimes, she never wrote back.


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