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52 Authors: Week 28 - W.S. Merwin


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Can't do this week. Want to do next week, but I'm not sure. Things keep happening.


Mac, you can put me down for Marion Montgomery for a date in August -- your choice. I wouldn't be able to get anything done in July.

Ok, great. How about Sunday the 9th? You can send it earlier than that but I generally do the posting Sunday night or Monday morning.

Put me down for any week in August after the 9th.

Sunday the 9th will work.

Ok, thanks. Louise, you might as well take the following week, the 16th.

Although, Rob, it just occurred to me that if you don't have time in July maybe you'd rather wait till later in August? That's ok if you do.

I can't do anything this weekend, Mac, headed to Grand Coteau Jesuit Spirituality place. But, as needed, put me down for Tolstoy and let me know the date and I will deliver something that is hopefully interesting.

I'll do that, thank you. Hope Grand Coteau is productive.

I'll take the 16th then.

I would like to ask you all a question and I hope you will just answer yes or no. Do you know who Josephine Tey is? Have you ever read any of her books?

If you don't know her, please don't look her up or anything until after my post this weekend.


Yes to both questions.

Ha. Marianne, you almost didn't have to answer. I would have bet your answer was yes.


Gosh, well there goes the lady of mystery aura I was trying to project. ; )

No to both.

Marianne, I think it's because you are a Lady of Mysteries.


I know who she is but am not certain whether I've read anything by her or not. Long time ago if I have.

I'm working on something on Thomas Mann. Not sure if I'll finish it this year!

I've heard of Josephine Tey and I may have read something by her but I'm not sure. She was another author that lay around my house, thanks this time to my grandmother.

"She was another author that lay around my house thanks this time to my grandmother"

Yes, lazy so-and-so's, aren't they? My maternal grandmother had R.F. Delderfield in her living room for several years and he barely lifted a finger. Would have been far cheaper to have a cat.


I don't know, Rob, Delderfield would have collected dust, but cat's generate so much--and hair, hair, hair.


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