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It's not just the grandmas. My husband would have hated to be the man in that scene. He would not have smiled, that's for sure. If there are going to be unisex public toilets, they should not have urinals.

I wonder what would have happened if she had filed a police report. Especially if she'd had her granddaughters with her and the man could potentially be on the hook for child abuse?

Yes, any normal man would be embarrassed and horrified.

Hard to say what the result of a police report would have been. It would depend a lot on the locale, I guess, though they couldn't very well charge the man with indecent exposure under the circumstances. A Social Security office, being governmental, is a bit different, but there was an incident reported recently where a woman at a gym complained about a man using the women's restroom, and was summarily expelled and banned for her bigotry. I think that was in Colorado.

And in the past there was some wan hope that the elections could make things better, but I see no hope of that now.


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