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52 Authors -- Robert Gotcher on Merton -- coming up late afternoon or early evening, btw.

Blue Bloods is just your basic police drama, but it's about 4 generations of a Catholic family in law enforcement. The family aspect in excellent, I think. Their faith is important to them and most of the time they get it right. The Church comes off very well. The family eats together every Sunday, and they have disagreements, but it's a strong family.


Sounds good. And I like Tom Sellek.

And the mayor is basically President Obama and they do a good job of dealing with the conflict between him and the police commissioner who is the 2nd generation cop (Tom Selleck). His father was police commissioner, before him.

At the end of that comment, I almost said, "And who doesn't like Tom Selleck?" ;-)


Rob G; that was strange. I came into the office thinking about phoning Glenn Arbery to talk about a kind of Obit I'm trying to write for Professor Cowan. I have emailed with him - I'm trying to bring him to a conference at my Mid Western University next year. I did not know he had written a novel. That's very fascinating.

I do wish conservatives could make their point without these ungenerous jabs at other things - like Gilead.

Well you folks know that I don't usually like anything remotely sci-fi or magical realistic or allegorical! But, being sick over the weekend, I have watched 7 episodes of MITHC with great enjoyment. You have to accept it just IS allegorical to get going with it, but its very good TV.

I tried to watch one series which Rob G recommended, with a guy who has been let out of prison after 20 years. I found it too depressing even to finish the first episode. It was a girl with her brother and there were just too many triggers!

Right, Grumpy -- that would be 'Rectify'. Lots of pain in that show. Mac thought so as well.

Arbery's novel is very good. I finished it Saturday morning and am still thinking about it.

You were smart to cut your losses with Rectify, Grumpy. It only gets more miserable. And after 16 episodes it was no closer to any kind of resolution.

It looks like I can get Blue Bloods free on amazon prime. So that should tide me through until the reappearance of The Americans!

Back to Miyazaki...watched Princess Mononoke the other night -- excellent. Wish I wouldn't have waited so long!

Oh, and a couple friends are raving about this recent BBC mini-series, River, with Stellan Skarsgaard. Anyone seen it? It just turned up on Netflix recently.

Check bay in a couple of hours. :-)

Ha. I started to watch River last night, but then I didn't.

My Netflix queue is about empty. I'm going to put Princes Mononoke on it right now.


That was supposed to be "check back". Don't even have the excuse that I was on my phone.

So, what did you think?


About River? I guess you haven't reloaded the main page since 8:03. :-)

That happens to me all the time. I just look at the comments and miss the new stuff.


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