Food For Thought On the Paris Attacks


From Walker Percy's Love in the Ruins, spoken by the narrator but probably the author's view:

Students are, if the truth be known, a bad lot. En masse they're as fickle as a mob, manipulable by any professor who'll stoop to it. They have, moreover, an infinite capacity for repeating dull truths and old lies with all the insistence of self-discovery. Nothing is drearier than the ideology of students, left or right....

People talk a lot about how great "the kids" are, compared to kids in the past. The only difference in my opinion is that kids now don't have sense enough to know what they don't know.

On the other hand, my generation is an even bigger pain.

And later:

Students are a shaky dogmatic lot. And the "freer" they are, the more dogmatic. At heart they're totalitarians: they want either total dogmatic freedom or total dogmatic unfreedom, and the one thing that makes them unhappy is something in between.


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Very apropos, I'd say.

Are you reading that, or did you just remember it? Or did you see it somewhere?


I remembered that something along those lines was there and went looking for it. Fortunately I had marked it last time I read the book. I've been browsing WP's works anyway because I'm supposed to write about him for next week. Which is going to be a pretty desperate effort.

Do we have all the weeks filled?


Yes. Or rather yes!

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