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It makes modern Ukraine seem depressingly grubby.

I would have assumed it was an American city if the text hadn't mentioned it. At least until I got to the pictures with signs in a foreign tongue.

I really don't know how I feel looking at those photos. Maybe simply go with the website's name, Sad and Useless: The Most Depressive Humor Site on the Internet.

Whoever maintains it does have the "weird" down pat, though -- in the Q&As on its "About" page, this one stands out: "How much its [sic] 1/2 cup of sugar? 4 ounces or 8 tablespoons."

I just noticed this. My daughter posted that link to my timeline yesterday, I think. The artist really incorporated those pictures well, and I liked them at first, but some of them make me creepily uneasy.


It's funny how I can miss a new post--even one that is much more noticeable than this one--because I just look for new comments and then go away if there aren't any.


I thought these were very funny. :)

No subject line and a one-line post--pretty easy to miss.

I just looked at the pictures again and I don't find any of them creepy or depressing. Some are touching to me (e.g. the first one), some funny (e.g. the sixth one).

Maybe it was the second batch--or the first--there was one previous to this.


Yes. I just looked at this link, and it must have been the others.


I think my favorite humor-wise is the fourth--the bus. I know have seen people sitting in that exact position on a bus.


Oh, Marianne, I'm glad to see I wasn't the only person who got pulled into reading other stuff on that site! I have to try to forget about it or I'll never get anything done ever again!

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