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Thank you for finally answering my question.


Great post, Grumpy. Very interesting, and that will be the first Authors book I read.

And congratulations and thanks to all!


Yes, very interesting. I'd heard Danielou's name, and Garrigou-Lagrange's name too, but didn't know much about either of them or the connection between them. Am adding Danielou to my reading list.

Congratulations to Mac, and to everyone who helped with the project! A job well done.

Thanks very much to all who shared this project. I read fantastic pieces all year, on so many authors!

Janet there is much more.

Thanks Grumpy. It's nice to know more about the people behind famous names whose works I've never read. The whole series has been very enriching.

Like Janet, I think The Bible and the Liturgy might be the next one I have a bash at. I do wonder if there's a chance you've conflated Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange and Pietro Parente (partly because Garrigou-Lagrange was a consultor at the Holy Office but wasn't number 2, and partly because he seems an odd candidate for "evil, unimaginative and rather unintelligent" – he did a lot to rehabilitate mystical theology as real theology, and mystical experience as an ordinary Christian thing, not reserved to saints we read about in books).

A couple of years ago a Belgian academic theologian brought out a volume called Nouvelle Théologie: Inheritor of Modernism (he thinks this is a good thing), which basically inscribes Schillebeeckx as the fruition of the movement. You wouldn't agree with that line, I take it?

Many thanks to all of you who contributed. It would, obviously, not have happened without you. I'm really pleased that we managed to do all 52. It would really have rankled me if we'd missed a week. And the range and quality were excellent.

I had heard the story of the cardinal in the prostitute's apartment, but forgotten the name involved. I admit I was surprised to hear Grumpy's description of G-L, not that I knew anything much about him beyond the name.

Yay! Well done, Grumpy! Well done, everyone! Thanks for this great series. My main task for today will be reading the posts I didn't get around to reading through the year.

Grumpy, this has been a very interesting post and I'll be looking into it more.

"which argued that human beings put infinitely more energy into their actions than they can ever use in finite circumstances."

As a parent, I really wish this were true! Perhaps it is, but I just don't feel it. :)

By this account Daniélou sounds like a great man and a great priest. I look forward to finding out more about him.

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