52 Authors: Week 48 - Mary Renault
52 Authors: Week 49 - Thomas Merton


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Well, tonight we ate Chinese (at the restaurant that cooks it's own food and doesn't have a buffet) and Bill's fortune said that perfection in sports would lead him to wealth. So, I guess he doesn't have to be an odd boy anymore.


Wasn't sure where to post this, as the T.S. Eliot post from earlier in the year is closed, but I guess under "Odd Boy" is about as appropriate as anywhere else.

A friend sent this around a couple days ago -- it's a scream.

(the URL is correct but the title has the wrong name -- it's actually Texts From J. Alfred Prufrock)


That's hilarious.

Several years ago a "Hamlet as told via Facebook" thing was circulating. I thought it was very funny. May even have posted it here, come to think of it. I'll look...

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