Do you want to be acknowledged in this book?

(I'm keeping this post at the top of the blog for the next few days, so that anyone who might want to have a say-so won't miss it. In the meantime, please check below for new posts.)

I am finally publishing a selection of the Sunday Night Journal. I want to acknowledge everybody who has encouraged my writing and who took part in discussions, especially those around SNJ entries. A generic thanks seems insufficient, so I'd like to mention specific people who are long-time readers and encouragers. You pretty much know who you are, I think. But most of you just give your first name or even an alias. I know most of your full names, and will use that if you want, but will also just use your commenting alias if you prefer. Let me know sometime in the next few days, as we are pretty close to the final layout.

SundayLightebook - subtitle option 1

And, before you ask: yes, I am "self-publishing" it, albeit with the words "self-published crap" (spoken by a librarian I know, not in reference to my book) ringing in my ears. After a lot of considering, I decided to do it this way for two reasons: 1) it just doesn't seem like a book that would interest a publisher; 2) it sounded like fun. I like the do-it-yourself aspect of it. Not that I'm doing it all myself: my daughter Clare designed it, and I think she's doing a great job. 

It will be available in both print and electronic forms, initially only via Amazon but soon thereafter (I hope) from Ingram, a giant book wholesaler, which will make it possible for bookstores to stock it (probably not very likely, but who knows?).


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You need to banish that librarian from your brain. I know you don't think that Sally's Brief Light was "self-published crap." There's a lot of that out there, but there is a good deal of that substance published by major publishers also.


Oh, I know the book's not crap. It's just that a lot of people have that perception or prejudice. But the means of doing it yourself today are totally different from the old vanity publishing scene.

That reminds me that I need to get back to Sally's other book. I read most of it and really liked it, then got off on something else and didn't get back...same old story.

Awesome! Good news. :)

I like the cover.


Glad you do. I'm really pleased with it myself.

Thanks, Louise.

Fantastic! Can't wait...

I heard yesterday that The Martian was originally self-published.


There are several instances of that--a self-published book catching on and then being picked up by regular publishers. I have a scifi book called Wool that was first self-published, and that I ordered just to see what the physical quality was like. I didn't know that it was now being handled by Simon and Schuster and what I got was their edition.

Congratulations, Mac! I'm really happy to hear that this project is going forward. I look forward to buying myself a copy.

Thank you very much.

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