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This is a movie I have never heard of, and it sounds wonderful. Thanks, Janet.

You're welcome.


Ditto to what Craig said.


This is one really good thing about the internet. There are so many really good movies out there that we would never have heard of in the past.


I saw this film when it first came out. Don't remember much about it except that I thought it very beautiful and that it was, surprisingly, not filmed in Vietnam but in France.

Yes. When you think about it, you only see the two houses and a bit of street.


From these glimpses it certainly does appear to be very beautiful.

Yes, that's why I had to make you work so hard.


Turned out nicely, didn't it? And it wasn't that much trouble.

Yes it did. And I'm glad.

I really want to find out what the scent of a green papaya is, so yesterday I looked to see if by chance they had one at Kroger. There was something called a red papaya but it looked right--it was green--and I thought it might do, but it was $5.00 a pound and it probably weighed 3 pounds.


This looks lovely! Thanks, Janet.


Maybe those little pearl-like seeds really are pearls.


The internet is indeed a marvellous thing.

I was put off going to this film by some incredibly pretentious review that made it sound like something that only the enlightened (like the reviewer) could appreciate.

That's totally ridiculous.


Not you, I mean, the reviewer.


Well, perhaps it was ridiculous of me too, to avoid what is clearly a beautiful film just because some pretentious reviewer tried to make it sound esoteric.

Looking over the old "desert island films" thread a week or two back, I did think I'd like to read Art Deco's appreciation of Le Château de ma mère.

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