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I just added a screen shot from the movie to this post. Last night when I was posting it I took a quick look around for a graphic to include, and mainly saw the original poster or variations of it, which clearly give the wrong impression ("a love story as startling as the crack of a gun!" was one blurb). This morning I looked a little further and found this screen shot that gives some idea of what you're talking about regarding the colors. Intriguing.

The utterly misleading nature of many trailers of the 1940s and 1950s puzzles me. I can't think anybody seeing this trailer for The Third Man ("two men and one woman caught in the dangerous web of an international love affair") would be well served.

Oh man, that's hilarious. "Nothing is too good for the *third* *man*". And "He'll have you in a dither with his zither" was obviously thrown in just because somebody thought they rhyme was cute.

Yes, if you were to take the red coat out of that pic it would look almost like a B&W photo. That's the effect Wellman was going for.

I was really surprised when I read it was in color, because up to that time I had been imagining it in B&W. It seemed like a B&W kind of film.

The name of the movie sounds creepy to me.


This is the first chance I've had to read the whole article. That technique of only using bright colors for dramatic effect is used in The Road, too, and really it comes from the book, except for maybe two exceptions, the only color is the red of blood.


I realize that sounds hopelessly optimistic but the writing is on the wall: Trump is unelectable. He trails Clinton by 20 points and any senstor or congressman running down ticket of him is up the creel without a paddle. This fact has finally sunk in

That black and white coat.



Art has that big, furry coat that looks like it came off a Holstein cow with big hair. It's so unusual looking and it looks like the mountains. There's something about it. I just don't think it was there for no reason because I've never seen anything like it. Maybe I'm crazy. Also, did you notice the mountains looked like a cat?


I think that Wellman probably meant the colors to be symbolic aspects of the characters' personalities. Arthur is peaceable and noble, and rather sympathetic with nature. Thus his coat looks like nature.

Curt, on the other hand, tends to see nature as an antagonist or an enemy. Hence, the stark red color of his coat.

Without giving anything away, it can be said that the difference between the two coats comes to play a part in the family drama that ensues after the two brothers go out hunting the cat.


Trying to find the shot of the mountain that I was talking about--which I can't--I noticed how much more colorful Gwen was that anybody else.


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