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So that means three of our aircraft are missing?


Just got home and no time to read tonight, but I'll be looking forward to it tomorrow.


Ok, ok: "and two other movies". :-)

I'll need to see The Flemish Farm just to hear the Vaughan-Williams.

I haven't seen any of these, but this made me think of a somewhat related movie I did see recently: The Dawn Patrol. I sort of think I may have mentioned it here. It's also about military aviators, but was made in 1938 and is set in WWI. David Niven is in it, too (not to mention Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone). I had recorded it off TCM a while back and really was expecting it to be just a bit of old-fashioned Britishness. I guess an unkind critic could call it that, but I thought it was a fine drama, well-produced and well-acted.

Apparently none of these is available on Netflix.

One of Our Aircraft is on YouTube. , and I think Spitfire too. Paul is Spitfire only about 48 minutes?


Seems possible, as Paul describes it as "much shorter" than the original.

The original is about 2 hours.

That's quite a cut.


Looking for any recordings of Vaughan Williams's Flemish Farm Suite that Youtube might have, I've actually found the whole film. Sadly, the sound quality is not great.

Makes me wish I didn't have choir practice tonight.


The First of the Few is on Youtube too. Full length.

I can't get used to full movies being available on YouTube.

Yes, and you can watch them on your TV.

On an Internet-enabled TV?

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