52 Movies: Week 10 - Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven

A saint used to say: “I am afraid that the Lord will come”. Do you know what the fear was? It was the fear of not noticing and letting Him pass by. When we feel in our hearts: “I would like to be a better man, a better woman…. I regret what I have done…”. That is the Lord knocking. He makes you feel this: the will to be better, the will to be closer to others, to God. If you feel this, stop. That is the Lord! And go to prayer, and maybe to confession, cleanse yourselves… this will be good. But keep well in mind: if you feel this longing to be better, He is knocking: don’t let Him pass by!

--Pope Francis, Angelus address, December 21, 2014


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I'm glad you are posting these on Facebook. It's good for people to just see what he is saying without the hype.


I hope it doesn't annoy my non-Christian friends.

I'm weighing the veracity of that statement.


It's true. Definitely don't want to *annoy*. But if it nudges them to stop and think for a moment, that would be great.

"that would be great" is a phrase that I can't use anymore without thinking of that guy in Office Space.

I've never seen Office Space, but just watching that clip made me tense.


It's an excellent movie.

I didn't even know it was a movie. I thought it was a series.


That's The Office. I get the names mixed up sometimes, too.

Oh, I'm well acquainted with The Office, I just thought they were BOTH series.


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