Give Up On the Republican Party?
What better way to observe International Women's Day...

Discovering the face of God makes life new. Because he is a Father enamoured with man, who never tires of starting with us all over again in order to renew us. The Lord is patient with us! He never tires of starting over again each time we fall. However, the Lord does not promise magical changes, He does not use a magic wand. He loves changing reality from within, with patience and love; he asks to enter our life gently, like rain on the ground, in order to then bear fruit.

--Pope Francis, Angelus address, January 1, 2016


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It's a wonderful quote for Lent... reminds me of something our Metropolitan Kallistos said, about Lent not being about self-flagellation, but more like an opening flower.

Thank you, Janet.

Was that Janet who posted the quote? I can't find a byline... And the post about the Republican Party -- was that Mac?

Do you mean the Pope Francis quote? That was me, as was the one about the Republicans. All the posts are by me unless they have a specific credit to somebody else. That's mostly the 52 series, although every now and then I have a guest post on another topic.

I'm having a pretty lackadaisical Lent, and am glad I decided to do these Francis quotes. It makes me think about Lent and non-mundane things in general a bit more every day than I might otherwise.

Ah, okay. Yes, it was the Pope Francis quote. Thank you, Mac :-)

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