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Or you could write me as Marianne has done, which might be best. [email protected].


I still owe two, but neither of them will be before the summer.

Well, if we are still doing this in the summer, I will let you know.


Not that you have been in any way remiss. I still have one of yours in reserve.


Janet, I'm very busy until the end of April, but after that I should be able to contribute some more for the series: Saints Dominic, John Bosco, Dominic Savio and Pius X. If you're desperate for some contributions before the end of April, I might be able to put something together.

Thank you so much, Louise. I think I can make it through April, but looks like it will be mostly me.


Of course, I'm going on vacation in April and I don't know if I will have wi-fi.


Was there any take-up on this? If not, I could maybe manage one more before the summer.

Donald Trump is hogging the limelight, so I'm commenting here just so it shows up that I have done.

That would be great. I would really appreciate it.


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