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What Is Actually Happening

The formerly all-, or perhaps all-too-, American Disney company can get along with brutal dictatorships but not Christians. That goes for Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Salesforce, Unilever, CNN, Apple, and others--including the National Football League (!). Have ordinary conservatives figured out yet that corporate America is as big a proponent of liberal social doctrine as the government?

It's becoming routine for the media to put "religious liberty" in quotation marks, at least where Christians are involved.

A National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz being unfaithful to his wife got lots of attention last week, with people pointing out that the Enquirer was right in several similar cases in the past (e.g. John Edwards). So it's odd that this story about Hillary Clinton got no attention at all as far as I know. Really odd. I just can't figure it out. (Hat tip to Neo-neocon.) 

 (See this post for an explanation of the title of this one.)




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That last link confused the heck out of me. I clicked on it and then had to answer the door, and when I came back, I was thinking, "How did this post get to be suddenly a lot longer?"

The first link didn't work. Might be our filters.


Oops, sorry, every time I get lazy about double-checking my links I miss one. They should all work correctly now. Perhaps I should have warned people that the Hillary link goes to the National Enquirer.

So Bill and Hillary have at least one thing in common - women. :P

Anyway, things are just getting "progressively" more insane. I don't expect anything to make much sense now.

I'm inclined to think that the collapse of our civilisation has been a lot slower than might have been expected. At least, Belloc thought he might have lived to see it.

But it occurs to me that all our prayers and worship during these decades have perhaps helped to slow it down. I'm sure, at any rate, that they have helped in some way.


Yes, we have to believe that they have some effect.

I just went back to that old post about What's Actually Happening. I guess I feel sad, reading it and the comments again.

It's a sad situation. Objectively sad, you might say. But my intent in posting about it is not to encourage gloom but in the spirit of what you said on that thread: watch and pray. Attend to the signs of the times but don't be crushed by them.


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