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So Yanni has nothing to do with the Bergman film, right?

I believe I have seen this, along with other films of Bergman's, and all before I was old enough to appreciate them. I need to revisit his filmography.

I have probably mentioned before that Bergman is Woody Allen's favorite director, which is what initially led me to him.

I do remember enjoying the spare, crisp, black and white images in his films though, Mac. Which you nicely reproduce for us here.

I love that movie, but anything I could say about it would be a spoiler. There is one scene that may be the most powerful scene I have seen in any movie.


The Yanni pic is supposed to be a joke. I happen to hate Yanni. When I posted the link to this on Facebook, it insisted on including the Yanni pic, which was quite annoying.

Woody Allen's admiration of Bergman has always been a plus for Allen in my eyes. I really need to see some of his stuff of the past 20 years or so.

I cross-posted with you, Janet. I'm not even sure which scene that would be, as there are several which I find very powerful.

The one with the hands.



Now I'm going to have to watch it just to see what scene this is.



Much as I hate autocorrect, I love it that when I hit enter twice, AMDG pops up as a choice.


BTW, I watched Wings of Desire a few weeks ago. I haven't had time to write anything about it yet. Maybe I'll get a chance next week.


I've been meaning to re-watch Winter Light for some months now. I actually had it out from the library over my Christmas break, but stuff happened, as they say, and I didn't get to it. I need to get to Wings of Desire too.

Over the past couple weeks I did manage to watch Kieslowski's Decalogue, which is very good and strikes me as being Bergman-esque in some ways.

He's the Blue, Red, White guy, right? Those are really good. I need to see them again. Haven't seen Decalogue.

I'll be interested in hearing what y'all think of Wings of Desire. Definitely an interesting work.

Yes, same guy. Decalogue is a 10 part drama he did for Polish TV based on the ten commandments. Each episode is about an hour long. It pre-dates Blue,White, Red by a few years.

I might even write something on the blog and link it here, because I have lots of thoughts about it. I'm afraid, though, that it might give someone a heart attack when they see I've actually written a blog post.


Please do. Let the faint-hearted shift for themselves.

I like Wings of Desire - one of my favourite art movies

Watched 'Winter Light' last night -- very good indeed. I thought I had seen it before, but I apparently hadn't, because I remembered absolutely none of it. It's the other two in the "faith trilogy" I must have seen.

It struck me how similar in some ways the first episode of 'Decalogue' is to this film, in the questions that arise, and even in the visual style.

Anyways, thanks much for the essay and recommendation.

This is my favorite of the trilogy, by a pretty good margin really. I'll have to look for Decalogue. Glad you liked it.

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