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Well, dang, I wrote a long comment which somehow disappeared after a network error, of which I have way too many...let me see if I can reconstruct it.

Coincidentally, I saw this film just a couple of weeks ago. When I saw that Rob had written about it, I thought "If he doesn't point out Tilda Swinton's performance, I'll do it in a comment." So let me just second him. It's a really remarkable performance. I added the photo to this post by way of illustrating the way she captures a person who is basically one giant raw nerve and is just barely controlling herself. The sense of tension and almost-collapsing control is astonishing, though you really have to see her in motion to feel it fully. In this scene she is on the verge of panic.

Click on the picture to enlarge it--you can really see what I mean then.

I'm definitely going to watch this one.


It is a fantastic film. One that I own and return to every now and again. The three leads are just really great. I love the very end where you get to watch Clooney's expression change little by little as he begins to recover from the whole thing and perhaps feel better about his life? I don't think I'm giving anything away with this comment, am I?

The thing is, I don't think I've seen this movie but that picture is so familiar, and the story sounds familiar. Maybe I saw a trailer.


I recorded it off cable a while back, either just because I like to watch the occasional thriller, or maybe also because I had a vague recollection of someone having recommended it. I was a little surprised by how skillfully it was done, actually. (No, I don't think that gives away too much, Stu.)

One scene I found really striking, both for Swinton's acting and for its general significance: "The other option..."

I think the scene in which she's preparing for her video interview is also brilliant, both acting- and direction-wise.

Maybe tonight.


I have seen this before.


What's really strange is that Bill remembered we had seen it and talked about what a great movie it was. I barely remembered it. I must have been doing something else while he was watching it. I only really remembered the end.

Anyway, Tilda Swinton really did give a great performance, as did Tom Wilkinson.


Since some of us have seen it, if we want to discuss it further maybe Mac could set up a separate "spoilers allowed" thread? If there's enough interest, I mean.

Yes, I can do that. I'll participate. Anybody else?



2007 was a really strong year for cinema. In addition to M.C., you had:

No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
The Assassination of Jesse James
Gone Baby Gone
Lars and the Real Girl

The first four were M.C.'s main competition in the various awards categories. The last three were fine films that I had forgotten also came out in '07 until I looked at the Oscars list.

I imagine that in some other year, without so much stiff competition, M.C. might have garnished more awards (It did get seven nominations).

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