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I just watched the trailer. Looks like a must-see.

It looks wonderful--except the bit in the trailer about "the triumph of the human spirit."

Anne-Marie are you going to be able to write Saints posts?


This looks very good, but I think I'd find it difficult to watch.

I know I have seen bits and pieces of this movie, but I don't remember why I didn't see the whole thing.

The Faramir thing is definitely not a help to me because I will always remember how Peter Jackson messed up the character.



"...I'd find it difficult to watch." Yes, that thought crossed my mind, too, but it looks like it would be worth it.

I would like to watch it. Whether or not I'll find time is another question.


Rob G, please do consider watching it. I don't remember it being too hard to watch, but I am biased.

Janet, the Faramir reference was simple patriotic pride that a favourite Aussie actor of mine was in LoTR.

I agree, Anne-Marie about the "triumph."

It's about the Triumph of the Cross.

Janet, yes I will. I'm sorry--I got off the internet for Lent and have only slowly come back. I should be able to do Marguerite Bourgeoys soon.

Okay. Thanks. Not nagging. Just taking stock.


Brilliant film. His Belgian accent is amazing. Thanks Louise!

I *so* glad you saw it and liked it, Paul! I really hoped you would. I thought his accent was pretty good, but unlike you, I don't have the experience to evaluate it properly.

Did you watch it online, or get a dvd?

I got a dvd, Louise. Bought through (but not from) Amazon. I watch almost nothing online.

After your piece about Fr Damien on Janet's blog I visited the church in Leuven where his relics are housed. Hadn't been there for a couple of years.

The film brings out rather well that one of the mistaken theories about leprosy at the time was that it was an aggravated form of syphilis, and how this led to even greater stigmatisation of those suffering from it.

It never ceases to amaze me how utterly dysfunctional the Church always seems to have been when viewed as a human organisation. That's something else they bring out rather well.

I'm glad you went to the church at Leuven. Yes, the incorrect theory about syphilis was terrible.

Re: the Church's dysfunction. I did have to chuckle really. It's a constant feature in the Lives of the Saints.

Mark Shea says, "The Good News is that the Catholic Church is that it's like a big family. The Bad News about the Catholic Church is that it's like a big family."

Yeah, a big, dysfunctional family!

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