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Thanks for this -- sounds like something I'd like to see.

Same here.

And the actual situation on which the movie is based...ww2 must surely be near the top of greatest calamities in human history. There are so many ancillary (so to speak) tragedies like this around it. "History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken."

You are welcome.

I have watched so many movies lately about WWII and it's repercussions, and I haven't done this intentionally. It's all been serendipitous. Several aren't from the Allied point-of-view, which is interesting.


Just became aware that my library has this -- I should have it in hand by the weekend.

This reminds me -- has anyone seen the recent German film Phoenix, about a Shoah survivor who comes to believe that her husband was the one who turned her in to the Nazis and tries to find him?

It was not available in the States on DVD until recently. I've got a hold order on for it with my library but it'll be a while before I get it. The library system currently has only three copies and there are 45 holds ahead of mine.

Phoenix is streaming on Netflix and they have the DVD, too. I've started to watch it several times. I will probably be to occupied with grandchildren this weekend, but maybe the next.


45 holds?!?

Yes! -- it's a county-wide library system, but still. I didn't know there would be that many people who knew the film was available. It only came out in April.

Watched Two Lives last night -- very good indeed.

"One wonders how the story could have been different with the slightest bit of illumination in the life of even one of the characters."

Not sure about this. Without going into spoiler territory, I think I'd say that one character's decision to "do the right thing" against their own self-interest might be considered a moment of grace.

By the way, the use of flashbacks in the film is very reminiscent of the way they're used in Leone's Once Upon A Time in the West. At first they're blurry and unfocused, but as the film progresses and the mystery is slowly revealed, they become more and more clear, until the clarity of the past and present merge in the dramatic revelation.

Now that is something I didn't notice.


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