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David Bentley Hart on Animals and Salvation


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Fantastic, Mac!

So cool.


What about you signing copies at Page & Palette? That would be fun!

Terrifying thought.

Many congratulations, Mac! It's available in Canada too.

Thank you. Via Amazon it's available in Europe as well.

Good excuse to go to Europe!

Nice. Your daughter did a beautiful job on the design and layout. Like the division into Lamplight, Moonlight, Streetlight, and Starlight.

Thank you, yes, I think the cover is great, can't really imagine a better. We made some compromises to keep the physical size and cost down--I really would like bigger interior margins, for instance. The division is a bit forced, definitely in a few cases, but overall I think it was a good idea.

Excellent. Can't wait to get it! Congrats!


It is almost $7 cheaper on B&N for some reason. But they do not have a nice picture there.

Hmm, that makes no sense. Not looking at the e-book, are you?

Hmm, I see you're not. I can't explain that. I'll ask support at Ingram Spark, which is the outfit that produces the non-Amazon editions. Publishing this way is a complex business.

What is "this way"?


Neil Baumann has just published a book of essays. What a copycat!



Did it publish itself? Or did he publish himself?

That seems to apply more to what you said than what I said.


I thought you mentioned it because he had "self-published" it.

No. Just because it's a book of essays, which isn't his usual thing.


Got my copy yesterday -- very nicely done!

I love it that the light park of the cover is exactly the same color as the blog. Of course, only the illuminati will notice that.


Do you mean the text? Doesn't look that way to me. At any rate, I need to figure out a way to recruit some more illuminati if I'm going to make back the cost of producing it.

Glad you think so, Rob. I hope you enjoy it.

I've sent the Amazon link around to a list of friends. I think you'll get at least a few "recruits" there.

Thank you. I'm going to be sending out some review copies to places that I think might be hospitable.

No, I mean the background of the text on the back.


That, too, is pretty different on my monitor. Interesting. It's sort of in the neighborhood, but clearly not the same.

Oh, I just remembered, your copy came from a different printer from the one I have. If you order from Amazon it's produced by a totally different company (CreateSpace) from the one you'd get (probably) from other outlets (Ingram Spark). The only copy I have on hand at the moment is the former and you have the latter. Actually I like it a little better.

Content is identical, of course, and they look more or less the same, but the colors are a mite different, and I think the interior type is a bit sharper in the IS version.

My copy came by today's post. I opened it at random and read the piece about the hitchhiker with great enjoyment. I look forward to reading more.

Geez - I'm still waiting for mine! I went the B&N route and they are probably slower than Amazon.

Never ordered from them so I don't have any experience. Btw I queried Ingram Spark customer support about the missing art work etc and they said it might take up to four weeks for all that to show up. Odd...

Thanks, Paul. I think reading pieces at random is probably a good approach. It would make a nice bedside book.

Oh btw, Stu: you said something about doing a book signing at P&P. Last week I listened to a web presentation about marketing your book and laughed when they said "If you don't patronize your local independent bookstore, do not present yourself at their door wanting to have a signing." Ouch. Guilty. I ought to patronize them, but everything I want would be a special order and require two trips there (one to order, one to pick it up). And someone told me they charge for special orders now.

A few years back Michael Piafsky had a book signing and reading there for his book, and several things made it a truly odd experience. But the one that sticks out most in my mind is the lady (who I guess runs the store) introducing him and welcoming us all to "the nice side of the Bay". At the reception afterwards many people were talking about that comment, and how it seemed to be a little dismissive.

That's my long way of saying I don't worry about buying anything at P&P when I happen to be over there. I have more loyalty towards Bienville Books downtown if I happen to pop in there.

But it seems like it would be a win-win situation at any point to have a local author in for signing, reading, etc. Any folks you bring in that wouldn't normally be there might just buy something else in the store, right?

That might have more to do with the monitor than the book.


"...would be a win-win..." I guess. I'm sure it's a certain amount of trouble for them to hold these things. I really should frequent the place, and then maybe...

I was reading the blog on my kindle fire and wanted to respond to something, so I opened my laptop because it easier to write here. Since I just happened to have them both on LODW, I noticed that the background looks completely different on the two devices.


Comparing my phone and my computer screen now, and there's a significant difference. The phone's color is noticeably less yellow-ish green-ish. I like it better, actually.

That's funny. On my little Toshiba, it's gray--almost bluish gray. Or at least it was until I just put it next to the phone, on which it is really bluish gray, which made the computer look more yellowish. On the Kindle Fire, It's completely different. It's a greenish beige. It's pretty much that way on my bigger laptop and on the book.

Is this like the black blue gold white dress?


I think I was originally shooting for some kind of grey-green. Not bluish. That was a couple of monitors ago. "greenish-beige" might be a fair description of what I see on my current monitor.

I think this is just pretty normal variation among screens. No wonder graphic designers find it so frustrating. They're used to specifying colors with great precision.

I had to do annoying things with my money, like spend it on my children's education, instead of my own amusement and enjoyment. Humph! But finally, as you know, I bought it (through Amazon), and it arrived yesterday.

I've read several essays, somewhat at random, and they were all enjoyable. I laughed out loud at various bits e.g. in "Idiot Wind" (which I thought was hilarious) and actually cried over bits in a couple of the essays about men and women. "Apes with Violins" was just as good as I remembered it.

It really is nice to be able to flick through them in book form.


Also, it was fun to read through "Ayn Rand, crank" (which I love as much for the title as the essay) - without having to re-live the comments!!

Thank you. I'm of course delighted that you're enjoying it.

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