"It's over, folks."
So Blue, So White


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Well, if anybody is listening to this with earbuds, I would suggest that you turn the sound way down before starting video.

Maclin, you will be getting the bill from my doctor soon.


I take it you were previously unacquainted with Black Flag.

I'm sorry about your ears, but I would win that lawsuit. One should always be cautious with headphones.

Especially with YouTube videos, where the initial volume is completely unpredictable from one to another.

However, I'll add a warning to the post, to forestall other possible litigation.

It was like being shot through the head.

I imagine.


I'm glad you're limited to imagining. I know the feeling. I head similar mishaps.

I'm wondering if you had the volume up fairly high for whatever you had previously been listening to. Maybe something basically quiet, like an audio book? I have this song in a playlist and although it's pretty raucous the absolute volume level is comparable to the rest of the list, which is not punk or metal.

"I head". Ha. Autocorrect. Supposed to be "I've had".

I laughed when I saw that. So apt. I'm glad you left it there.

The sound on my laptop is so low that I having trouble hearing anything when it's turned all the way up, so yes, it was turned way up.

I kind of wish I had a film of my reaction because it must have been memorable.


You have your revenge: every time I look at my blog I get that song stuck in my head for the next hour or two.

Oh, that's easy to take care of. Just put your earbuds in your ears, turn up the volume and start the video. You'll forget everything.


Oh, ok, I'll try that. Thanks.


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