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It's About Time Someone Took A Stand On This

Vanilla does not equal plain! It's a delicious flavor.

--Jay Nordlinger of National Review, in a tweet posted on the magazine's web site. (No, I am not on Twitter and don't want to be.)

I love vanilla ice cream, and for that matter vanilla almost anything. A few months ago I saw these in the grocery store while I was looking for another favorite, ginger snaps, and have become very fond of them.



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I'm fond of vanilla sugar, certainly, and use it to make vanilla ice cream

Vanilla is not just the absence of chocolate.


It's very odd but in my old age I have begun to prefer vanilla to chocolate in some things, most notably in ice cream, and I guess cookies and cake, too. I only like chocolate when it's chocolate candy, or in hot drinks.

Also, nowadays almost every kind of scented thing makes me sick, whether it be colognes, candles, air freshener (especially!) or essential oils (doubly especially). I used to hate people like this, but it has come upon me. Vanilla is one of the few scents I can handle.


I like chocolate just as much--chocolate anything. I'm just expressing solidarity with the marginalized and negatively stereotyped.

All ice cream is precious in my eyes, at least so far. I'm sure somebody has come up with something I wouldn't like, especially in this time when throwing odd things together seems to be kind of a fashion in the food world.

Quite right.

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