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52 Movies: Week 28 - Poetry

Two Posts Worth Reading (not mine)

Possibly most people who read this blog also read these other two, but just in case:

Craig Burrell describes his initial investigation of Heidegger

As part of Janet Cupo's 52 Saints series, Grumpy writes about St. Bonaventure

I have to face the fact that though I'm pretty interested in theology and philosophy, I'm never going to become very knowledgeable about them. It has a lot to do with being 67 years old. Supposing I live another ten years or more, I could possibly read a lot on these topics, but only at the cost of giving up some of my other interests, and I have to choose. So overviews like these are of great interest to me. I have some notion, for instance, of what Aquinas is all about, but Bonaventure was not much more than a name to me.

Oh, and while I'm at it: here's an interesting news story about a couple of cosmologists who seem to think that life is based on information...or something...I don't think I understand just what they're saying, but the story is interesting for what it reveals about the way cosmology seems (inevitably?) to walk up to and sometimes cross the boundary between physical science and philosophy-theology. I was amused by this:

Self-awareness, he said, is not an obvious product of the electrical activity inside your head.

Indeed. In fact I'd say the idea that it is so is a sheer act of materialistic faith. And:

For many in the physics and astrophysics games, however, even the simplest suggestion that hard science can't ultimately account for the entire universe and everything in it – alive or not – sets off warning bells.

I'd say that fact is itself a sort of warning bell--a warning that there's more going on there than disinterested inquiry.


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You are funny, Mac. I feel the same way about Theology and Philosophy. I did my part in order to earn my MTS degree several years ago, and now I will most probably concentrate on fiction and other non-fiction (such as the Elvis Costello memoir I'm currently reading) that floats my boat a little more.

Based on your timeline I may have 27 more years to indulge in my interests - if I'm lucky.

But yes, I do love these smaller overviews to learn just a little bit to help me feel smarter and more informed. Grumpy's contributions to Janet's Saints have been especially good!

"to help me feel smarter and more informed."

Right. :-)

Thanks for the link, Maclin.

My friend Richard, who is a very informed Christian and very intelligent has been talking about the information thing for years. It makes my head hurt. ;-)

Actually, I think I could get a fair grasp on what they are talking about, but it's like y'all say above. Do I want to spend the time I would need to really understand it? It's not likely to be as enjoyable as reading fiction, nor is it likely to be very useful except for getting into conversations that would probably become tedious.

Grumpy's post is very good.

I have a post for next week, but after that there are only two weeks taken for the rest of the year--both by Grumpy.

I'm just remembered that I think you, Maclin, told me to a couple of dates, but I'm not sure you said that, and I don't remember exactly what you said if you said it.



I can't discuss it intelligently. It does seem that the existence of information in the natural world raises some questions, but I'm not sure what they are. :-/

I'm not sure whether I gave you specific dates, but I did promise more. So you can put me down for week after next. That would be the 24th, correct? And I'll commit to two more before the end of the year.

52 Movies is in similar shape. I'm trusting that people will come through. I'm prepared to do at least another half dozen or so, but they will probably be relatively brief.

I have another one finished and another one partially finished.


I'm planning to contribute more to both the Saints and the Movies, but I've been on holiday in recent weeks and will be on holiday again soon, and my holidays are such that I have no spare time!

Thanks for the link.

Oh -- I got my copy of Sunday Light the other day. It's a very handsome volume.

I feared my post for Janet was boringly obvious

Maybe so to theologians, but definitely not to me.

Thank you, Craig. Pretty much all the credit for the physical appearance goes to my daughter, and my wife took the photo (same one as on the blog) with her first digital camera, some ten years ago, though I tweaked it a lot--changed the colors.

You're welcome.

So, for 52 movies how about a post about Gumby shorts?

I'm not exactly sure what that is, but...I suppose so.

Mac, I don't think I'm going to have time to do a movie in July, but you can put me down for a date in August.

Ha, Robert. That may just what I need. I may go home and watch Gumby.


Ok, thanks, Rob. Let's say the second week of August, which would be Wednesday the 10th, but I think things are going to be pretty loose from here on, so that doesn't have to be fixed.

Thanks for the 24th, Maclin.



Thanks ever so much.


It's good that they're short.

Give me some dates in Aug & Sept Mac, and I'll do a few more movies. Without a deadline I am useless. I can't do July, going on vacation soon.

And Janet, the same goes for your blog, though they are harder for me. The movies is really just watching a movie you already like then writing about it.

It would be good for someone to do a movie they hate so maybe I'll do that. All of my favorite Roger Ebert reviews through the years were the ones where he "hated hated hated" the movie. :)

Got it. I'm down for Aug 10.

There's a book of Ebert's most negative reviews -- I think the title is Your Movie Sucks -- and it makes for entertaining reading, in small doses.

That's interesting about Ebert. I've never read many of his reviews, but when I wrote about Napoleon Dynamite here a few weeks ago I ran across his review of it and thought it was pretty wrong-headed. I'll have to give him a few more tests. I understand a lot of people consider him a very reliable judge.

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