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One personal silver lining in the dark cloud that is the Trump candidacy is that I no longer have to try to defend the Republicans, or at least those who don't really deserve it. I've been voting almost exclusively for Republicans for a long time despite never having had the slightest inclination to register myself as one, and knowing that their principles are not entirely mine. To quote myself (again--I'm sure I've done it before), the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans for me has been the difference between an enemy and an unreliable ally. It's not possible to see Trump himself as any sort of an ally, and it's only common sense to assume the same about the segment of the party hierarchy that supports him. 

Now when some Republican politician says or does something stupid or offensive, or that can be made to seem that way by the ever-vigilant media, I don't have to cringe, or try to explain that he didn't really mean that, or put it in context, or be angered by the media bias and distortion. 

So go ahead, Democratic media. If you want to twist or exaggerate something Donald Trump says, have at it. If you want to shout for three days about some trivial remark from him, while going easy on Hillary Clinton, well, you will still have disgraced yourselves, but I won't much care. You can even make stuff up if you want to, because it probably won't be any worse than something he really said. You'll only have the constraint of limiting yourself to what people will believe he said, and that's not much of a constraint at all.

I'm like, whatever. I'll just shrug, and it's quite a relief. 


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That's how I feel. I no longer feel any responsibility to the 'conservative' party.

Yep. Me too.

Maclin, Are you getting any flooding?


No, we haven't had anything like the rain they've had in Louisiana, although it has been a lot wetter than is typical for August.

The National Catholic Register has a headline saying that social conservatives and Trump have made "a marriage of necessity." Hardly a marriage. Conservatives got at best an IOU for a rhinestone ring.

Shotgun wedding? No thanks.


I don't think it can even be called that. More like "I'll try to call you next week."

That's one good outcome, at least. :)

That "I'll try to call you next week" is perfect, Mac. Maybe just add his signature "okay?" at the end.

Heh. Yes, "okay" definitely should go there. I've been thinking of variants, too. "I'm going to be pretty tied up for the next couple of weeks but I'll call you when things settle down." Etc.

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