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My sister is obnoxious so you're wrong.

That was the gist of someone's response to me in an online discussion a week or so ago. It seems worth preserving. I think it's my favorite internet argument ever.

The topic was the election. Someone I know had written a Facebook post saying that while Democrats are voting based on ideas, policies, etc., Republicans are driven by one thing only: a deranged personal hatred of Hillary Clinton.

I argued against that, saying that while Hillary's opponents on the right do certainly dislike her, it's fundamentally because of her politics, and that if she had right-wing views people on the right would vote for her whether they liked her or not. The person I'm referring to here (not the author of the post) disagreed, giving as "part of his reasoning"--the only part he actually stated--that his sister, with whom he was formerly able to converse, now only rants. And that therefore I was wrong, deceived by my "bias." 

I replied that I could only withdraw in the face of that argument, though probably not for the reason he might wish.


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Well, it's certainly unanswerable.

This year's discussions have already caused one domestic blow up in our house (over political arguments which got personal on Facebook).

I'm sure there are Democrats who vote on the basis of 'ideas, policies, &c.' I've not crossed paths with any in several years, of course.

I know some. But in general the committed Dems I run into seem most passionate about attacking Republicans, with occasional generalized praise for Obama or Hillary. (But then the same tendency is probably true of Republicans, too.) I really noticed it during the Republican convention. I'm sure this is just my sample but it seemed like all the Dems and none of the Repubs I know were watching it. Which I guess is not surprising: you don't want to watch a train wreck if it's your train, but if it's your enemy's you enjoy it.

Yes, I thought so, too. As far as I know the person didn't say anything else. I know a little bit about him, enough to know that he is not in general a stupid person, so I wondered if the implications of what he had said sank in on him.

Maybe part of what this man is seeing is that even people who have reasoned arguments against her policies tend to sink into ad hominem snarkiness on Facebook.


Oh sure, that's almost certainly the case. We all see that, constantly, or at least I do, from both sides. But this was a pretty hilarious way to try to make that point.

I want to laugh... but the impulse to cry cancels that. :-(

Along these lines, did you see this from David Mills?

My argument that it's time for the Catholic bishops to rebuke public dissenters by name has gotten some interesting reactions. Among the worst were along the lines of "Joe Biden loves the poor and bishops let priests molest children" type. Trying to explain that neither of those is relevant would be a waste of time.



I'm glad you're preserving that.

I should mention, by the way, that the author of the post and I were having a perfectly reasonable conversation.

Yes, I did see that, Janet. He nails an all-too-common spirit in online discussion.

I'm just hoping that your sisters don't pick this particular moment to see what your blog is all about.


Yeah I hope not.

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