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Very entertaining, but it doesn't instill confidence in the accuracy of the piece to have "a hansom cab driver even tried to run Hanway over with his coach" almost a century before the hansom cab was patented.

I had no idea it was patented. I've always assumed it was just a sort of natural variant on the horse-and-carriage.

You caused me to notice a usage which always strikes me as odd, and slightly off: "run him over." "Run over him" is the way I would put it. I don't think I heard "run him over" until fairly well along in years.

It was designed by Joseph Hansom, a Neo-Gothic architect who was responsible for a number of 19th-century Catholic churches (including what is now the Oxford Oratory).

Had no idea, and never even wondered about the origin of the name any more than I did about, say, "buggy." In conjectural defense of the writer of that piece, if he's American he probably just thought "hansom cab" was a synonym for "horse-drawn carriage for hire."

Speaking of word origins, we went to the Memphis Cotton Museum yesterday where I learned that the cotton gin was a "gin" because it used an enGINe.


Interesting. They often used the word "engine" somewhat more broadly than we do now. Babbage called his early computer design the "difference engine".

In Dr Johnson's definition, and engine is "Any mechanical complication, in which various movements and parts concur to one effect."

*an engine

That's really wonderful.

Thanks, Maclin. I thought this was really funny!

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