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I like this movie. :-)


This is a rare one for an entry in this series that was not written by me: I've seen it. I like it, too.

Daniel Nichols wrote about it on the Caelum et Terra blog (ten years ago!):


I agree with him about Therese--and the rest, too.


This looks great. Our countywide library system has six(!) copies, so my getting one will not be a problem!

I guess that's because PA has the 5th or 6th highest Jewish population in the country.

One thing I didn't include, but which I found interesting was this from Wikipedia.

The film was not directed at the Haredi film consumer, since Haredim do not go to movie theatres. Nonetheless, it attracted much attention and this led to heavy downloading and infringement of the movie from people who otherwise had no access to see the film. After inquiries from people who had watched unauthorized copies of the film asking how to pay, pashkvilen were put up in Haredi neighbourhoods. The advertisements told the public of the financial problem that resulted from the file sharing, a reminder of the prohibition against stealing and included a post office box and telephone number in which to pay with a credit card. Another way to repay the makers of the movie was to call movie theatres, order tickets, and not show up.


That's funny. I guess a lot of them paid.

"I guess that's because PA has the 5th or 6th highest Jewish population in the country."

I did not know that about the state, but there is a fairly large population here in Pittsburgh.

Are documentaries all right?


Sure, why not?

Thanks for this, Janet. Hadn't heard of this movie before. I found a copy of it in my public library and watched it a few nights ago. What I liked most about it was the rabbi's admonition to the husband that his first responsibility in life was to make his wife happy and also the wife's exuberant prayer-talking to God. Actually, the wife pretty much made the movie work for me.

You're welcome. Yes, she was great.


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