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Yes, I think Trump has a fair amount of support because he is seen, rightly or wrongly, as an opponent of this totalizing liberal multi-culti. As Dreher (certainly no Trump fan) recently put it, today's right-wing populism is an equal and opposite reaction to mindless cosmopolitan universalism. And it should not be surprising that he should attract certain "deplorables" on the Right. After all, HRC has her own Prog basket of same: radical abortion supporters, rabid identity-politics promoters (racial and/or sexual), militant SJW's, etc.

I'm currently reading this book:


which I highly recommend. It parallels Kalb's The Tyranny of Liberalism but is additionally interesting because it's written by a veteran anti-Communist from Poland, who has experience in both the post-Communist Polish government and the E.U.

Reading the view of things by an "outsider" provides a perspective which makes both "why's," that of the prominence of progressive intolerance and of the "populist" backlash seem painfully obvious.

The nice thing about Legutko's book is that it is short and direct. What Kalb and Del Noce achieve by documentation and argumentation Legutko backs up by observation and logical dot-connecting.

I think I've seen positive references to that book elsewhere. I'll check it out. I tell myself to quit expending so much thought on this stuff but I can't help it.

Over the weekend I had some conversations with people of pretty conservative views who don't like Trump but who seem to feel that he is definitely in part a backlash against the overreach of the Obama administration.

Actually I think that if Trump wins the left will take a lesson from it, but the wrong one: not that they went too far, but that their enemies are even more evil than they thought, and that they must therefore redouble their efforts.

No matter what happens in November there are going to be a lot angry people.

It's interesting how once your personal life begins to overtake anything else how trivial politics seem. I'm voting for HRC but am caring less and less what really happens. I believe that whoever wins there will be a real race four years from now. The electorate will not be happy with either candidate as president.

"I tell myself to quit expending so much thought on this stuff but I can't help it."

Ditto. Although I'm not particularly interested in the political side of the thing, but rather in the effect that all this has on the culture at large.

I think that in this upcoming election we are being asked to pick our poison, and that no matter what happens, poison we will get. Being asked if I want to die by arsenic or cyanide is not a debate I'm all that enthused about!

That link to the Kipling Society doesn't work. The website doesn't seem to be there.


Really? It's working fine for me.

That is so odd. I can't get it on my laptop or my KF either. I'll have to try tomorrow at work and see what happens.


I'm already having "difficulties" with some of my closest friends because I've come up publicly stating I won't vote for Trump. It is distressing. I would think the position I'm taking is reasonably, even for a faithful, reasonable, pro-life Catholic who chooses to vote for him. It is like I'm a traitor.

Robert. Talk to me!

I think a reasonable Catholic case can be made for almost any option in this election.

And, sort of replying to Stu and Rob: who's going to be president really should not be this important. It's gotten that way partly because the office has so much power. Also because it's so symbolic.

"Robert. Talk to me!" About what?

I'll email you.


Maclin, does the office have more power now than it used to? I see that many Catholics are very worried about the membership of the Supreme Court.

"I think a reasonable Catholic case can be made for almost any option in this election."

I hate to say it, but yeah.

The office hasn't changed in principle, but the federal government has gotten much more powerful, with the Supreme Court deciding all kinds of things on which the nation is very divided.

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