The Gods of the Copybook Headings
52 Movies: Week 38 - Ushpizin


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That's great, Mac! Can't really argue with any of it. Cynicism, or truth?

I didn't read it all, but the opening was great.

The whole thing makes me wonder who exactly (apart from Satan) is really running the world?

Good piece. Especially liked this observation: "In a politics of pure spectacle, the advantage belongs to the creature of pure celebrity". And also this one: "Any voter who has an IQ above that of an item on the appetizer menu at an oyster bar knows that neither one of these candidates is much inclined to tell the truth about anything".

Well, I haven't watched one yet, and I sure don't mean to start now. I'll be interested in the ratings.


It's sure to be excruciating. I may look in on it out of morbid curiosity but in any case have something else I need to do tonight.

Like reading Tales from the Crypt?


That would be appropriate, but I actually have some paid work to do.

No. I meant watching the debate will be excruciating like reading TftC.


Surely the latter would be more enjoyable. Possibly more instructive.

Yes. You can learn things like--propping a chair under the doorknob will NOT keep the horrible things from coming out and killing your whole family.

See--similar to the debate.


"You can learn things like--propping a chair under the doorknob will NOT keep the horrible things from coming out and killing your whole family."

Especially when the door opens outward, as we learned in The Big Lebowski.

I guess I need to watch that again. There may be other important life lessons in it.

I discovered a few days ago that I actually possess a VHS copy of it. I'm going through tapes transferring family videos etc. to dvd and getting rid of the others. No idea where it came from. I know I didn't buy it. It probably got here somehow via one of my children.

Hey, how do you do that transferring to DVD?

What do you make of this list of prominent Catholic Trump supporters?

Oh, I don't know...sigh...I guess I just hope he listens to them. Especially if he wins.

The dvd transfer is pretty simple: just hook the vcr up to a dvd recorder. Then video from the dvd to the tv so you can see what you're recording. Put in a blank dvd, put in the tape, get to the point on the tape where you want to start, hit 'record', start the tape, hit 'stop' when you get to the end of what you're recording. You can record multiple short segments on one dvd and label them and they'll appear on a menu when you insert the dvd in a player. I find that I have a lot of tapes that only have 10 or 20 minutes of stuff that I want to save, or they may have multiple unrelated bits that I want to separate on the disk, or on separate disks. It's all kind of time-consuming but not really complicated.

The problem I've been having is that I bought the dvd recorder 5 or 6 years ago, hooked it up, figured out how to record, edit the titles, etc. then didn't actually do it for several years, by which time I had to figure it all out again. Then another few years went by...this time I'm determined to keep at it regularly until all the tapes are done.

Sorry. Kevin Williams is the professional jackass who produces dreck like this:


I didn't. I had briefly considered looking in for a short time but in the end couldn't stand the thought. There's really not even much reason to pay attention to the campaign at all. One of those disasters will be president. And then we'll have to deal with it. Either way we're in trouble.

Me neither. My interest was only in the potential entertainment value, but even then I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Of course, I don't have cable, so I would've had to have gone to a bar to watch it. Which, come to think of it, probably would have been fitting.

It might have caused you to drink too much though.

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