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Voting Republican as Rebellion?

Interesting commentary by Ross Douthat on the effects of liberalism's increasingly tight grip on pop culture.

...outside the liberal tent, the feeling of being suffocated by the left’s cultural dominance is turning voting Republican into an act of cultural rebellion — which may be one reason the Obama years, so good for liberalism in the culture, have seen sharp G.O.P. gains at every level of the country’s government.



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Okay, so apparently Ruth Bader Ginsberg has threatened to resign from the Supreme Court if Trump is elected.

Boy, if anything ever tempted me to vote for Trump, that would be it.


That's weird. You'd think a Trump victory would make her stick around if she could. She's way up in years though so she might not make it another four years.

That resignation thing seems to be based on a hoax news article; see here.

I thought it might be so, but I didn't have time to look and it was such a delightful idea.


I would caution anyone against seeing anything at all hopeful in this election. ;-)

"the feeling of being suffocated by the left’s cultural dominance is turning voting Republican into an act of cultural rebellion"

This has the ring of truth about it.

When my kids were in school, I used to dread going to all those school performances: spring concert, Christmas play, etc., and I knew exactly how many I had left before they were all out of school--eleven. Then I got pregnant with Becca. This may have been why I decided to homeschool. ;-).

Anyway, the hopeful thing in this election is that I don't thing I can have more than 5 of these left to go through.


Think, not thing.

Possibly, too, subsequent elections won't matter as much, the government losing the semblance of accountability.

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