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A Camp: Love Has Left the Room

Although it's a straightforward love song with no political, social, or religious content at all, the title of this song caught my eye as somehow appropriate to the political moment. In any case it's a nice '60s-girl-group kind of song.

I discovered more or less by accident, while looking for a video for the song, that A Camp is the solo project of Nina Persson, a member of The Cardigans, a group of whom I've often heard good things but to my knowledge have never actually heard.



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Well, I can't listen to the song because Bill is watching a movie, but when I saw the song title, I thought, "Yes indeed." I have friends who have been commenting on each others Fb updates in great charity for years, and now they are attacking each other. I just can't bear it.


I haven't seen that particular thing but certainly plenty of other variations.

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