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Thirty Minutes of "Debate"

I hadn't intended to watch any of the so-called "debates" between the two grotesques running for president. But my wife was curious, so we watched it until she said she couldn't stand anymore, which was about thirty minutes.

If there is any justification for these weird performances, it's that the viewer may get some sense of what sort of person a candidate is. One is not going to learn anything substantive about their views and what they might do if elected. Anyone paying the least bit of attention already knows what they will say on those points, and what they will actually do is generally predictable within broad limits. Trump might be an exception to that last rule: who knows what he might do? 

Anyway, looking at the debates only from that point of view--an appraisal of personality--Trump came across as he always does, as a fairly ignorant and unstable blowhard. Hillary...well, I certainly had a well-formed and very low opinion of her before the debate, and I have to keep that in mind. But she struck me as sinister. Certainly more clever than Trump, but creepy, especially at moments when Trump was saying something which played into her hands: like the witch welcoming Hansel and Gretel. Yes, I know it's a cliche, and I know I would be convicted of gross sexism for saying it, but that's what I thought (and I'm certainly not alone). It may not be fair. She was probably smiling to avoid looking grim and/or bitchy, which is what people often say about her. But: live by the image and sound bite, die by the image and sound bite.

And that, I guess, is pretty consistent with the view I've had all along, and that makes me glad I don't live in a swing state, so I won't feel responsible for helping to elect one or the other. Ignorant and crazy vs. clever and malicious. What a choice.


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Pennsylvania is considered a swing state even though HRC is currently ahead by about 7 points in the polls. I do not intend to vote for either unless the race becomes considerably closer.

But I think you are correct -- Trump and HRC, albeit in different ways, are both bad people, and thus it would deeply pain me to have to vote for either of them.

The "evil" in "lesser evil" has never seemed quite so real.

I'm going to write in these guys:


A few friends of mine are doing the same.

I wouldn't criticize anybody's choice in this election. Vote for Hillary to stop Trump, vote for Trump to stop Hillary, vote for some third party as a protest--I can understand someone choosing any of those.


"Why choose the lesser of two evils?"

I hadn't watched the debates, except a snippet of the second one.

I'm very interested, at least, in your impression of them, Maclin.


For those not familiar with SMOD, here's an interview.

Ralph Nader (Green Party of course) said don't just use your vote to be against someone, but find a candidate your conscience can support. So I guess it's Johnson for me.

He seems to be a bit of a flake. But in general I could vote for a Libertarian candidate, even though I'm not one, in the interests of trying to limit the power of the federal government.

I'm reading that intervew, Maclin. Very funny. :)

Cometh the hour, cometh the great big rock, perhaps.

We certainly need some humor. My wife and I were just talking about how tense and ugly the atmosphere has gotten.

I was talking to Robert about how at first I had to laugh at what was going on with election, but it's just not funny anymore. It's gotten too horrible for humor.


I'm ready for a benevolent dictatorship. Every four years it is terrible, but this year certainly takes the cake. It's just too much these days with the internet.

Especially Facebook. Bringing us together.

No, it's not funny at all. It's heading in a very bad direction.

I've had to "hide" several people on Facebook so I don't take the bait and start arguing. I don't think I really post politics...maybe just a little. Ugh. I really hate all of it, but I guess what I hate the most is complete and utter devotion to any one politician. Why don't we be devoted to Jesus, and those who do their best to follow his path?

I haven't done that yet (hide somebody) but I'm close to it with a couple of people.

Why indeed?

I just noticed how horrible my grammar was in that last sentence. Another thing that never happened prior to social media! :)

After Fr Hamel was killed, I couldn't laugh at anything for at least a couple of weeks. I would imagine many Americans are at that point now with this election.

We could listen to old Stan Freberg songs.

Was he the "Vatican Rag" guy? Or am I mixing him up with somebody else?

I think "Vatican Rag" was done by Tom Lehrer. I remember the name and face of Stan Freberg, but I'm drawing a complete blank on his work.

You're right, Tom Lehrer.

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