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We need eight more to get to 52. I have four that I want to write about (three of which I've seen in the last three days at the Fairhope Film Festival). Stu and Rob have said they would do one more each. That leaves us needing two. I can fill those in if needed from my vast store of experience, but if there was a film you really wanted to write about but haven't gotten around to, here's your chance.


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I've got one nearly finished. Count me in.

I've started one that I'd like to finish.


While we are at it, and since Maclin seems to have all he needs, he has said he will do a saint in December and I could use a couple more.


Oh yeah, Craig, I'd forgotten you had another in the works. Couldn't remember about you, Janet.

Do y'all have more than one film festival or has it really been a year since the last time you went to one?


Yes, it's really been a year. There's only the one.

I would have said 4 months at the most. I should have known because when you wrote about it last year, I had just missed ours, and I just missed ours again.


Off topic, but I'd like to recommend the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero, with Oscar Isaac and Winona Ryder. It was made by the same people who did The Wire, and is directed by Paul Haggis, who directed Crash.

It's based on the true story of the attempt to get low-income housing built in Yonkers, NY, in the late 80's, and focuses on one particular politician, councilman/mayor Nick Wasicsko. Interspersed with the political story are the stories of several families who are trying to get out of the "projects" and into the safer Yonkers housing.

You wouldn't necessarily think that such a story would be all that interesting, but it really is (the politics are fascinating) and Isaac is excellent in the lead. The language is rough, as would be expected, but violence and sexual content are minimal. It consists of six one-hour episodes.

if it's the one you mean, Janet, my comment is above!

It's available on dvd from Netflix.

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