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The race has tightened here in Pa. I may have to vote after all. Sigh.

I feel bad for my friends who live down the river in Steubenville. Last I heard things were virtually even in Ohio.

Tony Esolen has come out as a Trump-supporter, but in a completely anti-HRC way. His argument is, given the fact that both candidates are equally bad, I will vote for the one who is most likely to leave me and mine alone.

Wow. I didn't even know the World Series was on.

That's slightly surprising, since much of it was taking place right up at your border.

I guess I'd be doing the same as Esolen if I lived in a swing state.

Where did Esolen say he's voting Trump?

"leave me and mine alone" is probably just what the Germans were thinking while trainloads of Jews were headed to the camps.

A friend of mine said he saw it on one of Esolen's facebook posts. I'm not on FB so can't verify.

Even if I do end up voting I still have to find something to do Tuesday night. All my friends are more politically interested than I am so they'll be somewhere watching the returns. I have less than no interest in that. Maybe I'll just drink a couple bourbons and go to bed early. :-)

~~~"leave me and mine alone" is probably just what the Germans were thinking while trainloads of Jews were headed to the camps.~~~

You've got it backwards. We're the Jews in this scenario.

Calling Trump a Nazi is a misunderstanding of Nazism/fascism.

I would say that voting for Trump is a misunderstanding of his hatred and vitriol of people not like him. Or in some people's case it is probably a complete understanding, and they're happy to cast that vote.

Yes, there is some of that--genuine racism etc. And Trump is a jerk. But as I've been trying unsuccessfully for months to convince liberals, to treat that as the main explanation for the Trump phenomenon is to misunderstand seriously what's going on.

What I mean about Trump not being fascist is that fascism is not just a matter of being a bully or a thug. It's a complete totalitarian ideology, like its cousin communism. Thuggishness is just part of its method. Trump is more accurately compared to the kind of strongman who stereotypically comes to power in Latin American countries.

Another thing liberals just cannot see: "hatred and vitriol of people not like" them is just as common on their side. I see it every day.

"I would say that voting for Trump is a misunderstanding of his hatred and vitriol of people not like him."

This is equally true, if not more so, of HRC.

I posted this on Dreher's blog last night:

"I’m amazed by the amount of support that Trump has in the rural areas around here. Not sure what it’s like in the rest of the country, but if you drive any direction out of Pittsburgh into the more rural areas there are Trump signs everywhere. Ditto rural eastern Ohio. I’ve lived here as an adult since 1982 and I’ve never seen anything like it, in any election year."

As far as I can tell, these people aren't racists or even bullies. They're just ordinary people who are pissed because they feel like they've been left out of the mix, and they think Trump speaks for them in a way that HRC doesn't. They may very well be wrong about the reality of Trump, but I can't fault them for their perception, which is largely accurate.

Yep, that's what I've tried to say. For the most part liberals are having none of it. A Trump sign sprouted on the lawn of a neighbor the other day. We've been neighbors for 20+ year. They're good people, certainly not haters.

Incidentally: watching the Series game the other night, I saw Trump and Hillary ads for the first time. Both were very dark and malicious.

Strangely enough, there are almost no signs out here. A couple of Trump signs, that's all. I'm talking about 20 miles of road.

I haven't gotten one robo-call--even during the primary.


Very few signs here, either. Way fewer than usual. I think I'm probably getting calls--one or two unknown numbers a day--but I don't know for sure since I don't answer them.

Speaking of Anthony Esolen:


Maybe the rural voters are onto something:

'Sustine modicum: ruricolae melius hoc norunt.

"Hold on a minute. The country folk know this better." -- as the senior clerk said to his junior in the exchequer in 1177, when
asked a tricky question'

(Modified quotation from George Ewart Evans's book Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay. I got the translation from a Classics prof friend.)

Well, Maclin, I'm sure that at least one of them is to tell you that there's nothing wrong with you credit card, but you need to call them immediately to get a lower interest rate.


Just looked at the 1908 event. :o

SMOD2016 is funny as a theory, not as a potential reality!

I've seen no Hillary signs, and just a couple of smallish Trump stickers, and a couple of yard signs.

No, SMOD is definitely not something one actually wishes for.

I don't think I've ever gotten one of those, Janet. Or at least never answered.


When somebody on Facebook posted an article about a huge asteroid hitting the earth, my first thought was, "Let it hit here."

It was supposed to happen in 2014, though, so I guess it didn't.


It's a bit like "The Life You Save," really--I mean the way we talk about wanting it to happen.

You mean the MFOC story?



You know, I've started that story 3 or 4 times and never finished it. I have to read three other stories for a discussion in a couple of week, so I should probably go ahead and read that too.


Yes you should. It's one of her best. I think of it often.

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