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This is one of my favorite films. I am almost certain that I saw it in the theatre. Jim Broadbent's fantastic performance most of all stands out in my memory along with a scene where he and some of the actors are standing while he is giving them direction ... does that sound familiar, Paul? I need to re-watch soon, I do own the DVD. It seems that the brothel scene was just to show that Sir Arthur was the less serious, more inclined to hedonism of the pair. Gilbert was very no-nonsense, of course.

I'll have to see this.

I referenced Mike Leigh in a movie post that hasn't made it to the blog yet, and when I did, I was thinking it was too bad we hadn't had one of his films.

I love The Mikado.

My kids used to really enjoy the few G&S films that we could get hold of.


In one of those interesting coincidences, I had never heard of this movie till I got Paul's piece. Then it turned up in a comment on this Neo-neocon post about Mr. Turner, which Paul mentions in passing.

I love Gilbert & Sullivan. I think Pinafore is the one I've heard most. I'm sure I would like this.

Yes, this is a wonderful movie. The scenes of on-stage performances are priceless.

I watched this today and really enjoyed it.


It's on my queue but I don't think I'll get to it very soon.

Watched Midnight Special last night with my parents....so what was special about this film?


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