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Trump and Christians

Dylan's Nobel Acceptance Speech

It's surprisingly good--and not-weird. There is a famous speech that he gave at some award thing--Grammy awards maybe--that is quite weird. But it is funny that he felt obliged to tell us that Shakespeare is a "great literary figure." Maybe he thought they might not have heard of Shakespeare in Sweden. (Thanks to Stu for pointing this out to me.)

Oh, here's the weird one: 1991 Grammy awards. Not exactly a speech, just a...remark.




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Has anyone ever read anything that Dylan wrote besides his lyrics?

If I were Jack Nicholson, I would have had to grab Dylan by the arm and hold him still. It drove me nuts just to watch it.


His autobiography or memoir Chronicles is pretty good, at least if you're interested in Dylan.

I was just wondering if anyone knew if that sounded like something he would write.


Yes, it does. I mean, not in any particular way, but it doesn't *not* sound like him.

That's great, Mac!

I should say that I am referring to the clip you attached and not the speech. The speech is good too, but I had ready it already.

Shakespeare ain't got nothin' on me!

It is a pretty good speech. Always in the back of my mind with Dylan, though, is the suspicion that he's laughing at all of us. Maybe he threw in the Shakespeare allusion/comparison, for instance, just to get a rile out of some folks.

I know, I think that's entirely possible. I also always have in mind the possibility that he's genuinely got a screw loose.

Stu, when I was looking for the Grammy speech (if you can call it that), I came across something pointing out that it's a recognizable paraphrase of a Biblical passage--the part about being so defiled, I mean.

Very interesting, Mac.

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