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I like that quote from Megan McArdle.

She's generally very fair. The whole piece is worth reading.

Hopefully I'll get time to check it out.

I read this a couple of days ago, and I think about it now and then. It's a very good post; I especially like your paragraph about all the things the Obama administration didn't have to do -- "the extra steps it did to alarm Christians" -- but went ahead and did anyway, and with gusto.

What really sticks in my mind, though, is that, like you, I was "a little relieved" when Trump won and wanted "Hillary to lose more than I wanted Trump to lose". And yet I worry that bit of relief wasn't grounded in anything real because he's so untrustworthy. What an awful situation to be in.

I'm having a conversation on Facebook now with a left-wing friend who is very afraid in general and specifically about Trump possibly being nuclear-trigger-happy. And the best thing I can say in response is that the remarks he's made in that direction probably just indicate that he shoots off his mouth recklessly. When the defense is "Oh well, he says a lot of stuff he doesn't mean," we're in a weird situation.

Glad you liked the post.

She's generally very fair.

Libertarianish, grew up on the Upper West Side, Ivy League issue, female, yet very much an independent thinker in a way that hasn't any contrivance about it.

Yeah, that's my impression. Wasn't it she who originally started blogging as "Jane Galt" 10+ years ago?

We talked a bit here about McArdle a few years ago in the comments on this post. I thought at the time that perhaps she was a Catholic, or at least had a Catholic upbringing, since she always seemed so fair, especially with regard to church matters. Her “Jane Galt” blog came up, too.

One argument for not blogging anymore is that I'm repeating myself. Or maybe I should say we're repeating ourselves. It bothers me a little that I don't remember having looked up that stuff about her, and it was only three years ago.

That's no argument, because except for Marianne, nobody remembers anything we've said. ;-)


True. I remember my mother saying when she was probably in her sixties that she and my father didn't mind reruns on tv because they couldn't remember how they turned out. If they remembered them at all.

Oh, I forget plenty of stuff, and what your mother said about reruns happens to me all the time now. I think the main reason I remembered our talking about McArdle was because I'd made the assumption she was Catholic based on pretty much nothing. All about me, don't you know. ;)

"That's no argument, because except for Marianne, nobody remembers anything we've said. ;-)"

Yeah. I sometimes will watch a tv show or a movie that I remember watching, but can't remember the story at all. The "surprises" get to be surprises again. Maybe that will happen with me with the Lord of the Rings in a few years.

I remembered the events when I read LotR this year, but there were lines that really surprised me.


I keep thinking I'm ready to re-read LotR but keep postponing it, I'm not sure why. I think mainly because I want to be free to read for long stretches of time and that would be kind of a problem. I could do it but at the cost of not doing other things and feeling nagged by that.

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