52 Movies: Week 50 - La Sapienza
"Somehow the statue escaped"

When I am emperor...

...anyone who uses the word "era" for a period of less than a century will be fined. Anyone who defines an era by reference to a celebrity will be jailed for 30 days. For I am merciful.


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I thought that was a baseball term.


You're on the wrong side of history, Mac! :)

Oh yeah, I forgot I'm living in the Kardashian era.

Only when capitalized, Janet.

Oh, I just thought you had succumbed to the current practice of not capitalizing anything--or maybe you were emulating e e cummings.




Emperor Maclin the Merciful.

Just make sure you bring back the stocks.

When I am Empress, I will declare that nobody has to work between the last Sunday of Advent and the Presentation--except people I need to do things for me.


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