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It did not occur to me while writing this post that today is Martin Luther King Day.

With dreams like that, Mac, you must find waking life pretty tedious.

Im amazed that you have dreams that have a recountable plot. I don't have enough sequence for a plot in my dreams.

A dream with this kind of coherence is very rare for me. And this kind of interest. There is another which was equally coherent that I had eight or ten years ago and still remember because it seemed significant. But mostly they're just the usual nonsense, and the occasional nightmare.

I just put in the link to the Guardian review of Lamb that I managed to leave out (also fixed several glaring typos). Here's the review:


First, are you aware that the velociraptor in Jurassic World is Blue, and blue.

And then, your dream is so much like Zootopia, it's kind of creepy. ;-) Except in Zootopia, it's not just dinosaurs, it's predators in general. I've never been so disgusted with a movie.

Regarding the sex scenes in OA, and that first one really upsets me because it is definitely pornography, I was thinking about them later, and as unnecessary as the graphic reality is, they are used to paint a pretty good picture of what is wrong with promiscuous sex. It's obvious later in the movie that that encounter was empty and that the boy was looking for more than hooking up. And in the second one, it was set up to demonstrate to someone that the person involved had this bestial side.

There was so very much wrong with the series, but there were some interesting things.

On the other hand, I mentioned Travelers before. I really enjoyed it. It's nothing deep and meaningful, but it's a good adventure, I think. And there darn well better be a second series.

A dream with this kind of coherence is very rare for me. Yeah, that really surprised me. It sounded more like one of mine.


If they are going to eat the Lamb, I cannot cope with it!

I've never seen Zootopia or Jurassic World. More later when I'm not trying to type on my phone.

I know someone who claims that she *never* dreams. I don't believe that, I think she just doesn't remember them. So who knows how many coherent or incoherent ones we really have? As a rule mine fade from memory almost as soon as I wake up. The exceptions are ones like that that make some kind of sense, and nightmares, which are sometimes hard to shake.

This is sort of a quibble, but it's not just later in the movie (assuming you mean significantly after this scene) that you realize the sexual encounter was empty. It's made clear immediately, when he wants her to stay and she very coldly informs him that she's using him. I would have said at one time that this was unrealistic, but I think there are more cold-hearted young women in the world than there used to be.

There are definitely some very *interesting* things about The OA. The end was kind of frustrating. I'm sure there's going to be a second series, or at least that the creators want there to be.

We're now watching Travellers on your recommendation (Janet) and I'm not as keen as you. It's ok. I don't think the plot bears close examination, but then any story about people in the future traveling to the past to fix something has an intrinsic logic problem.

Oh well, if you don't like it, it will be turn around is fair play.;-)

Of course, it is very implausible, and gets more so.


turn about--I'm really losing it.


I don't dislike it. It's enjoyable, just fairly lightweight. The OA, although it's very flawed--maybe fatally--has bigger ambitions.

Speaking of things on TV that aren't very good I did watch the first episode of The Young Pope on HBO. Very high production values, very ridiculous plot. I will have to be quite bored to continue watching. It is curious to me how little empathy is out there in the HBO pantheon ... I watched most of Westworld, and all of Divorce. I didn't have HBO when The Sopranos was big, but I'm guessing it might suffer from the same problem. I don't watch near as much TV series as most of you seem to, but I remember someone mentioning The Young Pope.

Lightweight! Yes! I think this is why I liked it. After 8 months of waiting for the phone to ring with the terrible message, lightweight is just what I need. So, it's completely subjective.

As I watching that last episode of Sherlock, I felt like I was being sucked into a vortex of sickness. Bill told me about the ending, which he read about and it sounded nice. We watch this on PBS on our Amazon TV box and there is a commercial at the beginning which for some reason cannot stream for about 4 seconds at a time and takes, I am completely serious, at least 15 minutes to get through. I thought Sherlock was on on Sunday night.

The OA, well, as irritating as some of it was, I'm not sorry I watched and would like to talk about it and might post a spoilerish comment later.

I'm really busy: a funeral tomorrow, a funeral Thursday, and the bishop coming on Saturday.


Best wishes with all that.

Yes, Sherlock is on Sunday night, but my comment about liking the new series so far was made Sunday morning (not on this thread).

I don't have HBO so The Young Pope is not available to me till it comes out on Netflix or Amazon. I have been reading about it but figured the likelihood that HBO would do a drama about the Church that I would enjoy is pretty slim.

I saw a few episodes of The Sopranos here and there (mostly in hotels at JAM, Stu). I can certainly see why people got caught up in it but I didn't really want to spend any more time with those evil and corrupt people.

I was the one who mentioned The Young Pope, because I was wondering if it was any good. As I understand it, it's about a "conservative" Pope who is elected by liberal Cardinals who expect him to be their "puppet", but he proves otherwise. That sounds like it could be interesting, but, like Mac, I'd be surprised if it actually turned out to be worthwhile.

By the way, it is an HBO show, in part, but I believe it's a joint American/Italian production. The writer/director is Paolo Sorrentini, a very good Italian filmmaker.

Well, I got an email about The Young Pope from a very conservative man this morning with this. link.

I am not in any way endorsing this website. I get this stuff in my church email.


"That sounds like it could be interesting, but, like Mac, I'd be surprised if it actually turned out to be worthwhile."

Sounds like the sort of thing you wait on till the reviews come in at the end and then watch it later if they're positive (presuming they're from good sources, obviously).

Oh great, let's have another one of those controversies where one side rages and the other side preens and enjoys the attention.

My plan is to avoid the movie, the controversy, the raging and the preening. At the moment, I'm thinking the sleeping sounds good.


Something kind of funny about Sherlock is that we also watched this week's episode of Elementary (which is another version of Sherlock Holmes, in case anyone doesn't know) which also aired on Sunday, probably at the same time as Sherlock, and they both had scary clowns.


Avoidance sounds like an excellent strategy.

Is Elementary the one that has a female Sherlock? So old fashioned. The OA has a transgender character.

"Avoidance sounds like an excellent strategy."

True. How good could it be, right? Odds are definitely against it.

I've never watched, but I think the female Asian character in Elementary is "Watson".

Oh, my mistake. I just had some vague impression.

"Odds are definitely against it." Yes, and in favor of being annoyed.

Right. The thing is, I did not think I would like Elementary. The female Watson annoyed me and I hated the first episode. However, I do pretty much like it. I don't, however, really think of it as being about Sherlock Holmes. He's just a person who has that name, and Joan Watson, although she is a doctor, is definitely not Dr. Watson. (I really like the Dr. Watson in Sherlock.)

I like the supporting characters in Elementary, the mysteries are pretty interesting and they are not always or even mostly about sex. There are actually some about embezzlement. This Sherlock does, however, have some rather annoying sexual encounters, but you never have to watch them.

This Sherlock goes to 12 step meetings because of his addiction to heroin. The development of his character is interesting.


Sounds at minimum better than I would have expected. I tend to think it's time for the tv and film industry to stop riffing on those characters and stories, though. The 12-step thing is funny if you imagine the original Holmes in that situation.

If you count the Robert Downey movies, and I think there may be more, there are at least three current versions of Sherlock around and all very popular. Elementary is in its fifth season.

The 12-step thing is funny if you imagine the original Holmes in that situation.
Yes, that's why I say it's just a person named Sherlock Holmes, not the real one. ;-)


I imagine that there probably ARE people out there named Sherlock Holmes.


A rather traditionalist friend of mine was very much in favour of The Young Pope on Facebook.

Well, what a difference of opinion.


I only watched the first episode, but in that hour I was not introduced to any characters that I felt sympathetic towards. I think that is the problem with HBO programming. Whether it be The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Divorce, etc. They do a great job making these shows, but theirs is a rather unsympathetic universe of people you don't like very much.

Are you talking about Elementary? I agree about the first episode, but their characters are always developing. His more than hers.


From the brief descriptions I've read, I can see why The Young Pope would appeal at least initially to a traditionalist. The pope in question was apparently elected to be a "liberal" but then acted as a traditionalist. I would be surprised if HBO allowed him to remain both traditionalist and a sympathetic character.

I remember years ago reading a review of some movie about priests. The liberal reviewer, clearly no particular friend of the Church or the priesthood, nevertheless noted the artistic laziness involved in the way the orthodox/traditionalist priest was handled: "very conservative, and therefore must be punished", or something to that effect.

One of the reviews I've read of The Young Pope said that the director, Paolo Sorrentino, is following in the footsteps of Fellini. I never could follow what was happening in most of Fellini's films, so I'd probably miss a lot of whatever Sorrentino's trying to do with The Young Pope.

I doubt this is getting the real Fellini treatment. Kind of hard to imagine. I'm not much of a Fellini fan either.

'Lamb' looks really interesting! I hope to see it.

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