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Said a prayer for her.

Audrey Assad is a personal favourite, but I did not know the stories behind these songs. Thanks.

You do not mention her record Fortunate Fall. If you've not heard it you might seek it out. It's the one I like best.

Share this with another professor last night who is going to use it in a course

Craig: I'll have to check that out.

VG: I wish I could be a fly on the wall at that class.


My friend Flo who I mentioned above died of a heart attack while she was eating breakfast. She lived alone. Her funeral was this morning and the priest, who was a good friend of hers, said that even though she lived and worked in Mississippi, she showed up at Mass at his parish in Memphis about 3 or 4 weeks ago. After Mass, she asked him to anoint her because she was having trouble with her knees and might have to have surgery. So she had received the sacrament, even though she died alone and suddenly. God provides for us in rather surprising ways.


I just now watched/heard the videos. I was in a hurry when I did the post. I regret to say that the sight of the preparations for the beheadings brings out the Norseman or pre-Christian Scotsman in me more than the Christian. (Many of my ancestors are from Scotland so I figure there is likely some Norse blood in there.)

I'm not of course disagreeing with what you say, but that's my instinctive/emotional reaction.

I just never thought of Norseman or Scotsmen doing anything so ritualistic.


No. I mean it makes me want to go Norse-berserk on the beheaders.

Oh, I see.


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