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I know he's highly regarded, but I've always been somewhat put off by his voice, which is kind of unpleasant to me. Same as with Elvis Costello, who I know is a really good artist but don't much enjoy. It doesn't make sense because I definitely tend to like male singers with strange and not necessarily "good" voices. However, I've always admired John Hiatt for "Perfectly Good Guitar."

Funny, that's the same with me. I like his songs, but I've never warmed up to his voice for some reason. And I too like singers with "odd" voices.

This was a really good post; thanks, Stu.

Hiatt is a singer I've always heard good things about, but never actually heard. I've added the two albums you especially recommend to my Spotify playlist, so I'm going to give them a spin -- or, "spin".

I also think the album cover is very cool.

Now I'm in my car
I got the radio on
I'm yellin' at the kids in the back seat
'Cause they're bangin' like Charlie Watts

...another fun stanza from the album

There is one Hiatt song I've always liked a lot: "Cry Love." Don't know what album it's from.

Walk On, I think

I heard the Tennessee Plates song somewhere recently and really liked it. Can't even remember if it was Hiatt or someone else.

I'm wondering why I never heard of this guy (and why I am not familiar with those Kinks songs) and I'm not crazy about the music, but I loved your story about the first time you went to see Hiatt.


It's not surprising to me that you never heard those Kinks songs. I don't think any of them were big hits and the album wasn't all that popular, either.

Thanks, Janet!

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