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How funny, revisiting your "top 25" of the time. I like the "and what about Al Stewart?" comment at the end.

I remember seeing these Ultravox records in record stores but I don't think I ever listened to any of their music. I'm at work now, but when on computer at home I'll give each track a listen, Mac.

You would have to add the new Bob Dylan "Triplicate" to any list made in the future! :D

And here's where I need the emoticon for shock and dismay. That's about all I can muster for the idea of Dylan singing Cole Porter etc.

Not sure if Ultravox is to your taste...in fact I'm going to guess not...but you should definitely give them a shot.

If I had started to do a new top 25 now without looking at that old one, it would probably still come out fairly similar.

Interestingly (or not) I read that none of the songs he has covered on these last three albums are Cole Porter.

For whatever reason.

I needed to correct you before Art did!

(insert big laughing emoticon here)

I'll try to make the time to figure out the composers and list them with percentages, for your edification.

Example: Hoagie Carmichael 13.5% of songs from last three Dylan albums.


Interesting. I just assumed...

Cross-posted. :-D

In 1980 Midge Ure broke the hearts of 28% of the teen-age female population in England. While in the USA it was a much smaller 6.3%. Really astounding stuff I'm finding on Rod Dreher's website...

:-D :-D :-D

Yeah, he's really thorough and rigorous when it comes to statistics. And all while averaging 914.35 words per day of blogging, which puts him in the top 5% productivity bracket for bloggers. We need more people like him to keep the USA #1.

But I'm a little suspicious of that figure because I'm not sure whether it includes quotes from other people included in his posts.

Looking forward to listening to these. Ultravox was one of those bands that wasn't really on my radar back then, as I tended to like the guitar-driven stuff rather than the synth music. Plus I was at a Christian college that frowned on secular music, so I had to be somewhat careful with what I listened to in those days. I didn't really start following the non-Christian music scene closely until 1982.

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