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You have penned the last two albums, does this mean you need some contributions?

Definitely. One reason I was willing to do this series was that I knew I could always come up with something fairly quickly if I didn't have anything from anybody else. But I'd rather not have to do the remaining 37 ones. :-)

Well, I've finished everything I had to do for Easter, and soon I might have six free minutes to write something.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out on Tuesday that diocesan employees now have holidays on Holy Thursday and Easter Monday. I'm extremely grateful to whoever is responsible for that. I suspect the new bishop.


I want to see a six-minute album review, Janet! I think it would have to be a video of you speaking though.

I'll write about Lucinda Williams over the weekend, Mac.

I'm a great fan of this recording.

In parish use the Canon, divided into four roughly equal parts lasting about a half-hour each, is sung on the first four evenings of Lent. Then a shortened version of the whole Canon is usually sung on a Wednesday evening half way through Lent (we sang it on March 29). This is how many of the Slavic Churches do it anyways.

I'll try to find an audio or video clip of what it sounds like in its typical form.

I wondered if it's used in typical parish worship.

Thanks, Stu.

Yeah, that six-minute review would be interesting. Get some of that TV talk-show vibe in here. :-)

My music major friend from college (many years back) introduced me to the music of Arvo Pärt a couple of years ago, and I have enjoyed finding recordings of his music since then. Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome. This particular recording is sort of a big investment--two disks, and ECM's prices are generally on the high side. But worth it in my opinion. There are other recordings available now, of course, including what seems to be an entire performance that's on YouTube.

Thanks for writing about this album, Mac. Of all the CDs in my collection, this is one of those that sits closest to my heart. I remember clearly the day I bought it, and my amazement at the music when I first heard it. (At that time I was just discovering the music of Arvo Part.)

I had the privilege, some years ago, it hear Part's Kanon Pokajanen sung live by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir with Tonu Kaljuste -- basically the live version of this album. It was so beautiful, one of the great concert experiences of my life. I was in the second row, and I was amazed at the detail I could hear live that wasn't apparent on the recording. In particular, there's a piercing high note sung quietly by one of the sopranos on the penultimate 'Amen', and I nearly crumpled to the floor when I heard it. Gorgeous.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this and hasn't heard this piece, I would recommend it in the warmest terms. There is another recording that came out in the past year by Cappella Amsterdam. It's also very good.

My best wishes to all for a happy and blessed Triduum.

And likewise to you.

It seems that the people who like the Kanon *really* like it. That live experience does sound wonderful.


Here's a link to a service of the Canon from a nearby monastery, one which I've visited many times. The celebrant here is Fr. Thomas Hopko of blessed memory.

We do the Canon in our parish the same way it's done here, except that in a parish setting it's divided into four parts over four nights, while in a monastery it is sung in its entirety on each of the four nights.

The Canon proper starts at about the 3:30 mark.

Thanks. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.


A very beautiful liturgy obviously, though I didn't listen to the whole thing.

Yes, I wouldn't expect anyone to listen to the whole thing -- just wanted to provide a taste of what the actual service is like!

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