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52 Albums, Week 16: Car Wheels On a Gravel Road (Lucinda Williams)

Sunday Night Journal, April 16, 2017

A happy, peaceful, and blessed Easter to all who are celebrating it today. As John Donne says in his sonnet "Resurrection," "Salute the last and everlasting day."

Moist with one drop of Thy blood, my dry soul
Shall—though she now be in extreme degree
Too stony hard, and yet too fleshly—be
Freed by that drop, from being starved, hard or foul,
And life by this death abled shall control
Death, whom Thy death slew; nor shall to me
Fear of first or last death bring misery,
If in Thy life-book 1 my name thou enroll.
Flesh in that long sleep is not putrified,
But made that there, of which, and for which it was;
Nor can by other means be glorified.
May then sin’s sleep and death soon from me pass,
That waked from both, I again risen may
Salute the last and everlasting day.

The first and last lines are italicized because this is one of a sequence of seven sonnets called "La Corona," and the last line of each is the first of the next. (You can read the whole sequence, which is well worth your time, at Luminarium.org.)



Not the normal Easter flower--oleander, which doesn't even bloom now. But I like the picture.


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Thanks for this. A blessed Easter season to you.

You're welcome and thank you.

Thanks, Mac. Hope everyone had a blessed Easter and is enjoying Bright Week!

Happy Easter to all

Thank you, and same to you, and to Rob. I'm sorry to hear that you are apparently more than a little grumpy.

Happy Easter, everyone.

How's the leg, Grumpy?


Happy Easter, y'all.

I love Oleanders.

It was getting better and the physical therapust said I could do the camino. I started to train for two days and then imy leg started to hurt like hell. That was friday. I've tried resting and everything but is been hurting now for five days and I don't know what to do

Very sorry to hear that, Grumpy.

I've been wondering. And adding to my daily prayers that you (QG) will be able to do the Camino.

Those oleanders, alas, are no more. They had gotten out of control and way too big for the space they were in so we finally cut them down. I miss them--there were two, a white and a red.

I never knew what oleanders looked like before.

Prayers for you, Grumpy.


They're very pretty. That picture is just the ends of a couple of branches on a bush that was at least 10 feet tall and about as big around. And it would be covered with those white blossoms.

Thanks for the prayers. Our hope this year is to do the Portughese route so Im praying to FrNcisco and Jacinta Marto to make me able to do it

I don't think I've heard those saints' names before. I'll look them up.

Children of Fatima. I'll be going to Santiago and Fatima myself this summer, but not on foot!

Oh yeah, I should have recognized Jacinta. I think I just mentally skipped over "FrNcisco". :-)

That's great, Paul. Is your family going? Are you going for the anniversary?


Wife and children. Not for the anniversary.

I meant the 100th anniversary of Fatima. ;-)


That's what I meant too. It's only a few weeks away now, isn't it? We'll be going in July.

Someday I will learn to communicate. Likely it won't be in combines on my Kindle.

Or before I am in heaven.


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